You know who you are


Many times in this forum, all you really need to do is ask, and you shall receive.

But some just has to up the ante— as i didn’t ask, and yet i received !

received the stash below that is totally worth being portrayed as still-life paintings.
each was unique, but have to say the pawpaws were absolutely decadent and exquisite. Thank you!


These forum members are kind indeed! I’m glad good fortune smiled on you! I’m not going to mention names either but I was gifted 4 fig plants and 30 wineberries. Some members are incredibly generous! Was feeling very fortunate and a friend showed up with a big sack of apples and pears from his orchard for me. I went from feeling fortunate to overwhelmed by others thoughtfulness. Fruit and vegetable growers are my favorite people not just because of their kindness and generosity though they certainly have those but rather because the things they do make sense to me. People who don’t do what we do I cant relate to at all. That pawpaw looks amazing!


Haha. The fruit angels got ya.

They like to haunt the good guys.


forget about coloner sanders, but that was the real ‘finger-lickin good’ :grin:

they sure hit hard!