You should grow crandall currant

Yes. They’ll fruit at a fairly small size and I’m sure if they came from Lucille they were healthy well-grown plants. I find birds steal most of mine before they are fully ripe and production isn’t very high. Mine is in a rain garden that I don’t amend or fertilize, so hopefully you’ll get more fruit.

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I have had cuttings I just rooted produce some fruit their first spring.


I am now wondering if I should have gotten them from Lucille as well given the questions around whether everyone is selling the “original” strain or not. Might get one from her too if I can.

Emailed if she still had any Langley gage GB available, but I haven’t heard back :sob:

If you get stuff from Lucille let me know how to do it. She seems to carry a lot of uncommon stuff. That perks my interest. @SoCalBackyard

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Call her. She takes orders over the phone. Her plants are very healthy and shipped well.


Where did you get your crandall from? Mine produces extremely heavily even though its one of the few plants that I simply don’t water and have only lightly fertilized once over the years.

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Glad to hear yours produces well. Mine came from Pense Berry Farm.

Besides not doing anything for it, the other plants in the rain garden probably crowd its roots and shade it a lot in the summer, so maybe it is just an issue of competition. I will admit I haven’t given it a lot of help over the years, mostly since I tried the fruit early on and thought it was okay but not great. I had expected to like them more, since many people speak highly of them, but everyone’s tastes are different and it just didn’t do it for me. I do enjoy the flowers early in the season.


I got the 2 Crandall clove currants… 2 Jeanne gooseberry and an Oscar mulberry from Lucille this spring.

Last year I got a silk hope mulberry from her.

She is very nice and everything I have purchased from her has been very good quality.


I last ordered from her in the beginning of February and she did not have any then.

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@Lucas if you find somewhere with it let me know plz!

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That’s a fine family business. I would not worry about your plants. Sometimes they are small but I never heard of a mix up from them.

Not much to see this time of year here. Both my cordons are unfinished. One is just a growing plant. I lost two in that spot. I finally got it growing in the spot. Now to form the trunk. The other has a trunk, still thin and gangly looking. It will grow thicker.

The top was pinched to form two growing points. They grew out a little and the season ran out. I will use these to form the top of the “T”.

This plant is in the ground as you can see. I grow currants in containers but I always viewed them as temporary. Finding the best cultivar before I put them in the ground. But some are now 8 to 10 years old now. Here are some.

In the background above on the left is White Gold sweet cherry and on the right is a pluot tree with multiple pluots grafted on. Today the first flowers on the pluots are opening. In a week the peaches will open.
Speaking of peaches here is a four year old peach tree seedling from Indian Free peach. I cut them way down at the end of last year. I should have done it a year earlier.

Another peach both in 25 gallon root pouches.

Coming toward the camera is a graft of Hollywood plum. Both trees produced about ten fruit last year. Probably less this year I cut most of the fruiting wood off to form scaffolds. I have not picked all future scaffolds so extra branches still on them for now.
Not much growth here except my garlic bed. This was made of scrape wood. I plan to replace with two smaller metal raised beds.

I do still have the mother Indian Free in ground
The container trees will be grown as semi bonsai trees.
Ten year old Indian Free peach


According to Lucile some nurseries may be selling seedlings. My crandall bears abundantly with just a few hours of sun a day. That could potentially be the issue.


I got 3 Hinnomaki Yellow gooseberries, 1 Cornus mas variegata and 1 Gerardi mulberry from her this spring. All well sized for the price. The gooseberries are a foot tall and VERY well branched, the other two are at 1.5 feet (Gerardi) and 2+ feet for the Cornus mas.

Delivery was when I requested (which is sadly rare as many nurseries won’t ship to be early even when requested.

@Drew51 , I’m still in awe over your pruning and ability to keep those prunus species small.


Great pics. Thanks for sharing! Seems like you have a very productive yard/garden. Nice to see!

Yes that makes sense!

Do these air layer better than propagate from cuttings?

Thanks yes it still surprises me. I’m almost out of fruit. I still have some. We try to eat something, anything from the garden daily. Even through winter. I still have garlic too. I have not bought garlic in 7 years. Some never use it, I can’t use it enough. I do buy garlic sauce as it’s made locally and just the best.

From my seedling peaches

These are white peaches but unlike most these have a nice acid kick being descended from Indian Free.

I really like these peaches but they have a short shelf life. Although with the seedlings each ripens at a different time. So I have a steady supply of fresh peaches. The extras are dried. They are even better dried I can’t stop eating them.


No need to layer them. They will produce underground stems that send up suckers around the original planting. These can be separated to plant in additional spots.

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