You tube plant expert.....NOT!

Im trying to say… umm. Well… she sure does make a feller wanna watch her ‘techniques’…

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A while back my daughter took offense of me saying that the word “influencer” means “communal stupidity metastasizing into a human avatar”. She thought I was just being an old fart, I stand by what I said.


Is that even a real thing? Don’t you just plant the pit and let nature take it from there?

With a small pit like that, you would probably cut or smash the seed in half trying to cut the pit open. You would need to go through a few destroyed pits to get it right.

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I prefer to plant my stone fruit seeds covered with decomposing wood chips so that the organisms in the woodchips soften the stone fruit shells over winter and ready them for germination in the spring.


Anyone can make a YouTube channel and call themselves a expert. It’s ironic because the ones that seem to get a lot of views are either people like these making hack videos or are somewhere tropical where many things they mention do not apply to me like Epic Gardening. The gardening channels that live in cool climates or even a semi cool climate like a Parkrose Permaculture or Gardener Scott don’t get a lot of views because a lot of gardening information is just very repetitive and the correct information is bland, time consuming and may not be what you want to hear. No one wants to hear to start a cherry tree you want to either get a rootstock and graft a known variety onto the rootstock which takes two years to get to the nursery tree state or spend 30+ dollars on a cherry tree and many varieties you need two kinds of cherry trees. Most think me want to start seed and me plant seed or me go to store and buy one tree why me no get fruit.

And they will get diseases, have lots of insects inside, and not approach the quality of readily available commercial cherries.

Honestly cherries get lots of diseases and insects in general assuming it is a sweet cherry. Sweet cherry, peaches and nectarines are likely the 3 fruit trees people heavily give up on trying to grow because there is so much that destroys them. If it rains too much it causes problems with them, plenty of insects specially target them and in a lot of areas the cold weather kills the blossoms early on. Stonefruit are not for the new gardener or someone not up for a challenge. For a newer gardener I recommend pears and apples for trees that have typical store produce just starting out. If you want something not very typical then I say grow a mulberry hardy to your zone. You literally cannot kill a mulberry hardy to your growing zone.

He’s an entertainer not an educator. Entertainers make more money. Plain and simple.

To me people like the Kardashian’s fit the same bill of goods and they make this guy look like a pauper.


Depending on where you are.

I’m in Alaska. I have to contend with looooong and dark winters but on the flip side I don’t have to spray anything on either apples nor cherries. We get hordes of mosquitoes that can carry a small child away but not much fruit insect pressure