Young nectarine bark peeling


I have a young nectarine tree that seems to be struggling. The new growth is huge this year and looks great, but the bark isn’t looking right to me. Any ideas on what’s causing this or is this normal? Also, if it’s not normal, any suggested methods to fix it or is it a lost cause.

Any information is greatly appreciated!


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Looks like very rapid growth and resultant splitting of the bark… I think it should be ok.

Should I coat it in 50/50 white latex paint or something similar to protect the tree where the bark is splitting? Also any recommendations on water schedule? I do about a half gallon sometimes up to a gallon a week. Our forecast for the week is low to mid 90’s and single digit humidity.

Deer scrape, possible?

No, not a deer rub, we don’t have any deer this far into town. Thanks for the reply!