Your Comments 'Geneva Long' Persimmon

A friend has scionwood access. He really likes it, but I don’t believe he’s had opportunities to taste very many other persimmons. His comments are it has kaki effect. He described the texture/taste to 1/2 kaki and 1/2 American.

Your opinions or comments are appreciated.

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The late John Gordon told me that Geneva Long tasted somewhat like Asian Persimmon. I wonder who is taking care of his nut, persimmon, and pawpaw trees.


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I’ve read good things about it (mostly in John Gordon’s book), but haven’t seen much else. IIRC, he said it was the variety that most potential for commercial sales as it ripened well off the tree. I don’t believe he had experienced any of Lehman’s or England’s new varieties, though.

I wonder if it is parthenocarpic or not. It came out of Cornell as did Prok, so maybe?

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