Your experiences trying to create a tree containing multiple types of fruits....anyone care to share?

I’d like to hear stories (either succes or failures) of creating a
“fruit cocktail” tree.

If this has been covered previously,
a search failed to turn it up. Somebody has an interesting tale or 2
I imagine…

There was a post about this before with the Guinness World Record book. I think the owner even commented here. Supposedly the world record is 5 kinds of fruit on 1 tree. I know many nursery sells a fruit salad tree too. I got one from Restoring Eden a year ago and it just ended up being a mix of nectarines and peaches though.,almond%2C%20peach%2C%20and%20cherry.

Edit edit here is the post with the one where the forum member commented on it World record for most fruits on one tree - #14 by disc4tw

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By " different types" do you mean different Genus?

Yes, like cydonia, pyrus, malus, morus, prunus spp., etc. grafted to one tree.

(I have an apple having 12 cultivars and a pear almost that many, but that’s another topic.)

That was what was talked about in the thread. We claimed there was a record of 40 different types but the record was for different types of fruit which is much harder. As the link said they managed to put cherries, apricots, almonds, peaches and plums all on one tree. Supposedly that is a lot harder. All the nursery I see have those listed together as well minus the almond so as far as I know that is the max.

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Seems unlikely you’ll find any interstem to allow some of those to graft onto each other. Morus stands out in that list as particularly impossible to ever combine with the others, but I’m also not familiar with anyone putting Prunus on either Malus or Pyrus, or vice versa.

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Good so far. I’m looking for both theory and actual trials and the results.

I imagine you’re correct about Morus, but if there are trials out there, even if they failed, that’s the sort of thing I’m inviting comments about.