Your herbs for Thanksgiving

Herbs enhance a food but we do not have a ‘cooking’ category yet! How

many of you will use your own herbs for your turkey, dressing, stuffing or side dish?


Exactly what you show there, Mrs. G! Plus garlic and sometimes a few slices a lemon seem to make their way into my poultry.

(Tell you the truth? I can’t listen to that song anymore. I must have developed some kind of antipathy to it …)

Thats exactly what is there!!!

Some lovely herbs, Mrs. G! Thanksgiving at your house looks to be delicious!

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Those a great. Perennial herbs are very satisfying to grow.

I was talking with a woman at the Home Orchard Society Annual meeting who is an excellent cook and who says she grows produce for one of the food pantry/banks. She said she’s been doing it for years and has a relationship with them such that she can ask them what recipients like to get in order to cater what she grows to donate.

Fresh herbs was at the top of the list of popular items that she mentioned.

I’d never thought of that, and herbs are such an easy thing to grow and harvest, yet so expensive and inconvenient to buy.


Amen! And to think that I threw away an armload of sage and quite a bit of Italian parsley. Dern!