Your major converting for next year

My major project for next year is converting all fruit tree’s to minnies if possible. It has been underway already. 6 feet max!!
Since I don’t sell anything, it’s an easy decision. It might be called extreme hobby.Unfortunate can’t keep persimmon below 8 feet.

First ripe one!!!


Im not converting tree size but rather types of fruit. My Japanese plums have been disappointments for the most part, so i will be converting their orchard space over to other fruits that have been much better producers.
I will be pulling trees out and replacing with either peaches or cherries, or both.

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I’m working on converting a Damson plum over to Japanese plums and hybrids.

I had already grafted Toka onto it a few years back, but the graft is 8 feet off the ground and I want the whole tree, when completed, to be no taller than 8 feet. There are 7 places I can graft onto once I bring it down as far as I want. I’m waiting until next spring (as I will have a high unlimited supply of Toka to use on 1-2 of the branches) and I don’t want to leave behind tender cuts overwinter.


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Has Toka fruited for you? We are in the same area and I just grafted Toka. I’m curious to hear how Toka does in Michigan.

I plan on taking out brush and trees around my wild crabapples that I converted to domesticated varieties.

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NO, Toka hasn’t fruited for me, though it has grown incredibly well. I can’t blame the variety, though as my plum has dropped all its fruit (due to insect and whatever) the past 3 years and the graft has only been on 4.


Toka has somewhat unique taste. Some loves it, other don’t. The level of its bubblegum taste depends on the stage of ripeness.

I like it all right but do not love it. My issue with it is the size. I can find other good tasting plums that have a better size than Toka.