Youtube promoter accounts/posts

Is it just me or other people also noticed a bunch of new accounts recently popping up, whose posts apparently only serve the purpose of promoting particular youtube channels/videos?


i also noticed this.

Could we maybe solve 2 problems in 1 go. And have the treshhold for posting a youtube link be that you filled out your profile/ climate zone. The whole robot thingy?

That way people can still make a low effort account and ask questions and post photo’s. But if you want to link a video they get a message they need to fill out their profile/climate zone with a link to where they can do that?

Dunno if this is practical to implement though.


I’m not sure those are robots, or at least they’re pretty smart robots since they chose to promote fruit-related videos on a fruit forum and know how to fill out the profile. A simpler thing would be to elevate the forum status that enables video/video link posting.

i meanth the @ discobot

Not that the video’s where posted by robots. (they could. but i think in this case likely not)

Btw that discobot is working fast. read 5.9k posts in under a minute

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I haven’t seen this but I am pretty focused on only certain areas of the forum. If you think it’s a problem maybe you could bring it to the moderators attention and see if something can changed to minimize the problem.

Some people are not really interested in growing fruits/plants related things but to promote their other self interests in the forum


I don’t really see a need for this. I have on occasion left comments on YouTube inviting then to join the forum here. and some of the biggest youtubers are already members.

i don’t think stan is eluding to for example skillcult or JSacadura.

But more to the more comercial/advertising styled youtube video’s. Usualy promoting the produce of a country or company. Instead of sharing information about growing it yourself.


The founder if this forum, Scott Smith, purposefully does not take advertising as a source of income. Once every year or two, he will post information about expenses and suggest that members who can, donate at the amount they are comfortable with.

The shared info about growing fruit and matters related to growing fruit is welcome. Scammers and those who take advantage of the forum by posting for the sole purpose of advertising their businesses are not.

We depend on members to notify admins about inappropriate posts and posters. So far, several members have done so over the years. Admins are thankful for the help.

We have several members who own nursery businesses. So far, everyone is respectful and is here to share his/her knowledge and, hopefully, learn from others.


Exactly. People like skillcult, JSacadura, and others contributed a lot to fruit growing discussions on this forum. I’m talking about new accounts that do nothing but post links to youtube videos without any contribution to discussing how they grow fruit themselves.

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Please flag them and we can delete. I deleted several such posts in the last few weeks. Repeat offender users will be banned.

Posting YouTube’s is great, the only issue is people that show up to do nothing else.


I have not noticed the video’s. Mostly I see people joining trying to get scions. Most in other countries.