Zenport/Generic Labled Grafting Tool


Great tip.




That’s a nice looking tool, I may have to invest…since my grafting didn’t go so well this year.


Even my buddy who’s been grafting for 40-years uses it. We were grafting pawpaws a couple days ago… some remnant scions I had leftover and some so skinny it was humorous… and that tool could shave off two sides on these 1/8" scions nearly 1/2" long. It’s really remarkable…

He commented that he thought he wouldn’t like it or get any use from it initially, but that his thoughts have changed 100%.

Not much more I can say is there?



I never bothered with trying a tool, mostly because of the price and sized matched scion and rootstock is not a high percentage of my grafting. However, for this price, I couldn’t resist adding a new tool to my grafting bag. Based on some of the risk stated in the original post, I bought through Amazon. Shipping prediction had it arriving between June 2nd and 23rd. Just received it today. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Looks pretty much as described in this thread.


My friend lost his in the forest we think. :laughing: I thought I lost my knife today and after pulling weeds for 20 minutes and scouring the ground with both my eyes and my feet, I later found it in my nail belt under my bud strips… I never put it there! Okay, usually never… I couldn’t find it again after I found it and it was back in the same compartment, LOL. And I thought my friend was absent minded all day prior!!!

Do remember that the bark is slipping really hard this late and to get the best results the rootstocks or trees in the field shouldn’t be anywhere this far along. I finally put my 450$ tool away today after numerous gouges in bark.

Have fun.



Awesome, Dax!

Does the cut work even for differing sized scion vs stock?

Assuming you line up the “clean” side, that is.

Which side of the cut is the “clean” side? From what I have read about most of these tools, one side of the cut is very nice and clean, and the other side is a bit jagged.


This tool makes pretty clean cuts on both sides vs. my 450$ tool.

Just line up one side carefully with varied sized pieces precisely and tie it together, B.



Hey @Barkslip
How do you sharpen this tool or your 450$ one?


Good question.


@BambooMan @BG1977
You buy replacement blades for either. For the less expensive tool they’re like 10 or 12 bucks. For mine they’re like 80$.



Looks like you could sharpen inside the curve with extra fine wet dry sandpaper wrapped around a dowel. just mark the bevel with a sharpie and work towards the edge gradually so you don’t round it over.


My blades eventually get chips in them so I use them until they can’t go anymore. Just saying that’s all.

You may be a much better sharpener than I @hoosierbanana



If you touch them up every now and again that should help with the chipping. What happens on very sharp edges is little bits of soil (rock hard particles) end up actually embedded in the edge, each time you use it after that the hard bits get driven deeper and dings form and then cracks and chips. But just a light sharpening can remove those hard particles as long as it is done before they get deep and cause visible dings.

I have gotten lots of practice on curved blades from owning a few spoon knives like this.

It does take some practice, and marking the edge is critical at first to know exactly where you are hitting. Those knives are cheaper than the replacement blades though! Maybe try it out on some old ones if you still have any.


I do have old blades. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks a lot, Brent. Dax


Glad to help.


Is this the same thing?


That is the same thing, but they are under $22 on Aliexpress.


New set of blades are about $2. on AliExpress.


I would like to buy one from Aliexpress but i dont know which one.

There are many from 22$ to 62$.

Is there a quality difference? … i cant tell :confused:




There is no quality difference.