Zenport/Generic Labled Grafting Tool


Thx, ill order one with the most positive responses.


That tool is on sale $23.00 +free shipping until the 15th

I prefer a knife but hay $23.00


That’s unbelievable.



I just ordered the $23 one. Earlier I ordered one from Amazon that was $36 total. I’m going to inspect them closely when they arrive without opening the packaging. If they look identical I’ll return the one to amazon.

Main use will be for grafting figs.


I just ordered the $23 one. If I like it, I’d like to get some replacement blades. Can someone please post a link where to get the replacement blades?


You talked me into it, too, but I also would like to know where to buy some replacement blades. I’ve never done grafting before, but have some scions on order. I hope it doesn’t get too addicting. I need more apple varieties like a hole in the head!



By far the cheapest I’ve found compared to 25$ on Amazon and 22$ at Durokon

EDIT: link to wrong blades.

I did not check Aliexpress that @txpanhandle1 mentioned.




The link you posted is for replacement blades of a different grafting tool. They won’t fit the $23 tool.

I googled replacement blades for the Zenport ZJ68 (the $23 tool) and couldn’t find much. The cheapest I found was these blades for $10


But the shipping is $17. With the shipping, the replacement blades are more than the cost of the tool.

I haven’t checked the Aliexpress site either because I assume the shipping from Germany (or wherever the site is from) would be pretty expensive.

Maybe if enough of us want replacement blades someone would be willing to order a bunch then divide them up and mail them out to others for reasonable postage?


You’re so right. I googled “Zenport ZJ68A Replacement Blades” and see my error now.

The good thing is they are available. Mine for my much more expensive tool are outrageously expensive. For 25$ for new blades for this Zenport which you won’t need blades for years I imagine, that’s not a big investment like mine are.

Wishing you all luck. I’m going to get one of these tools too, eventually.



Aliexpress is an arm of alibaba in China. I don’t remember if shipping was free .If not it wasn’t over a buck or two. I ordered two sets of blades to keep as spare, but originals look like they may last years.


Did you happen to bookmark the seller? And, what was the waiting period for shipping?

The way I read what you wrote is the replacement blades are 100% the same as the originals, correct?



I received mine from Aliexpress and its not good.

Its very filigree and when i tried to cut a small 1cm twig the upper part with blades slipped in an angle and cut itself in the base.

Its a flimsy device and the blades are like tinfoil.

The orange one that i have is really good.


Post a photo of yours Austro and your orange one too. I’ve never seen an orange tool with similar “v” type blades.

My buddy’s works like a champ (from banggood.com)



Here are some pictures.

The orange one has a different V cut blade but its way better and more sturdy.


That’s what my buddy has. So the anvil on yours has a protuberance? You should grind that off just thinking to myself, Austro.

Does yours from Aliexpress have a pink color cast to it? My buddy’s has a pinkish color that’s noticeable in brighter light. Looks the same as yours though.



Hey, its not a protuberance its actually what the blade cut away when i tried it.

The upper part moves at a slight angle, not straight.

Thats why that happened.


You got a defective tool. Did you contact the seller?




I took some pictures and will try to figure out how to post this evening. Aliexpress, which gives lower prices on phone app than on home computer,has the replacement blades for $4.85 with free shipping. The ones I got were exact replacement to original. I searched under grafting tool blades and scrolled down until they popped up.


Not tested : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/2017-Hot-blade-Free-Shipping-vegetable-grafter-tree-grafting-tool-Spare-blade-fruit-engrafter-Fruit-Trees/32799015736.html


The Zenport from Amazon arrived. I could easily remove from the packaging with no damage to anything in case I want to return it. No assembly required. It’s bigger than I imagined but just right for the job.

I made the first cut in nothing flat. Not too much pressure required. Perfect in my opinion.

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