Zenport/Generic Labled Grafting Tool


Bark graft/3-flap those above ground for sure. You’ll get phenomenal growth.



FYI there is a vendor selling the nicer (reddish) generic grafting tool on Amazon right now for just under $30. I just pulled the trigger…


Great. I just recommended one to a member this morning.

Thanks Mike,



I got one of the last two!


Heck yeah! Sweet. Everyone should own one. I keep saying it. Especially when your hands need a break or if you have pain in your hands. These things do a wonderful job!



Good. My arthritis needs a break. As a newbie grafter the cuts are the worst thing. I just did three mulberry grafts and I said a lot of words… and I don’t think I got good matches. :frowning:


Dang! and Boo!



Yep…and others!!!






Before I knew about it my graft success was ZERO. Now, from the 20 scions I grafted in Feb, 13 took. New ones keep on showing up, so, at least 65% success. Very happy and grateful!


After 2 years use I just replaced the blades with the ones linked above from China. It didn’t look like they would align at first but after a few minutes everything went back together perfectly. Cutting super nice with the new blades. I’d like to figure out a way to sharpen the old blades. Perhaps a rod sharpener would work.


That is what I have used. One of the diamond rod sharpeners I bought at a farm store.


Anyone experience mashing of the back of the scions using this tool? Did I get a bad tool or should I adjust something? I was hoping to get a clean cut on both sides of the scion and the host branch.


I get that too on the side that rests on the anvil, especially on plums, and it is worse if the blades have become dull. If you look closely there is also frequent crushing of the bark on that side below the cut. Normally I match up the clean cut sides and everything callouses over just fine regardless. I tried making different adjustments to the tool without success.


Thank you


Help me out here for those with experience using tools as previously i’ve only used Opinal #6.

I got this for Chritmas…https://www.orchardvalleysupply.com/collections/grafting-tools/products/grafting-tool?variant=15121896966

I believe this moreless works like this one…

How does 1 blade do both of these cuts, i haven’t practiced with it yet and am trying to understand how it’s done. It has 3 different blades so what type of grafts does it all do?


Your rootstock is cut either male or female (your call) and the scion is cut to mate. It’s honestly that simple. Do test cutting with the two blades and do test cuts with the T when you have slipping bark. I recently saw you were shipped a tree or trees with snow on the ground and your ground being frozen.



Yeah i was planning to use this tool for bench grafts.

As far as the tree, it arrived today. Im a bit miffed, keeping it in my house in a box is to warm, in the garage its 30-38 during the day and teens at night for the next week before 40s at the remainder. Why in the sam hill that nursery mailed that tree i’ll never know.

I’ll just pund the ground until i can plant it saturday or sunday.


I don’t care for mechanical grafting tools, but love my Zenport Nursery tape tying tool. My $10 Zenport Grafting Knive is awesome now that I put a nice edge on it.


If you don’t have an unheated basement where you can cover the roots to keep them moist and put them in a dark spot, just pot it up and put it somewhere in your house like a houseplant until it’s the right time to plant.