Zone 6b inground figs

Spring 2020 update!
Well, my figs I rooted early 2019 and planted may 2019 are coming up from the ground. I assumed their young growth would have died back, so I cut them back late last fall…
So far, of the 4 I put inground may 2019, here is the order of vigor:
Ronde de Bordeaux,
Hardy Chicago.

Sunfire was the only one to try to set fruit last year. And it is coming back the fastest (by a slim margin) this spring. And my potted copy was the only one to set fruit indoors over late winter so I may get to try one soon!! So I have high hopes for it!!! As well as the others look great too!!
Sunfire tonight inground:

Any early news on your inground figs zone 5-7? Which ones seem the most promising? :slight_smile:


How’d you protect them? Was your winter warmer than normal too?

I packed a 4" layer of hay over a 3’ square area and then put 3" of dirt over a 2’×2’ square area over the plant and then 8" more hay over the entire area. I uncovered it early april but threw a clump of straw over the plant for a few days around april 16 since it was starting to bud but we were getting our last tomato killing frost around 33F I think.

I would say most of our winter was average cold except that october was colder than normal making us get some early damaging deep freezes and January was warmer than normal making our lows be more like a zone 7a.

I think I plan to dig a trench 30" wide and 24" deep on our sandy hill perhaps 30 ft long and plant some airlayers about 6’ apart. That way the base has better protection. :slight_smile:


Looking for advise regarding cuttings in zone 6B. Should I look for cuttings in Sept or Dec to root for spring?

Most of the local people prune and put on winter protection sometime in November. Then prune again in early spring, like early April. Then you need to decide on when you want to start rooting, over winter or spring only.

You should be able to store cuttings in fridge over winter months.

Your timing can be different if you buy cuttings from warm regions. That would be December.


Thanks for the help.

Cuttings tend to be more expensive at the beginning of the season - people are starting their winter ‘hobbies’ and IMO they want to make sure they can get the premium varieties. Wait until February and prices will come down.

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I bought hundreds of cuttings from this person over the years and have always been happy, glad he is still in business!


That is the old Herman. He was active at GardenWeb and Fig4fun. Some said he is downsizing due to health reason. Or I got it confused with someone else…


His name is Vasile, he is the VS in MBVS. I heard years ago about him having health problems, and am as happy for him to still be well enough to grow figs as I am for new growers getting started who have him as a reliable source.