Zone 7a/b Mulberry

Any recommendations for grafting on a wild mulberry in zone 7 a/b. I have one wild mulberry that needs to be improved on. Any large sweet options out there? Any sources since I only need two or three (only one tree).

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Morus Nigra are considered the best kind of mulberry tree and you should be able to grow them in your zone. Some morus nigra varieties are King James (Chelsea) Noir De Spain, Black Beauty and the Persian Mulberry. Not sure where you are but King James is very hard to find in the states and black beauty is often mislabeled. Your best bet would be Noir De Spain. If you want something for say a container Girardi dwarf is your friend. You are a bit too cold for Pakistan.

7a/b is likely too cold for nigra. The one I have can get frost burn when still in my garage. Your winter temps may be higher than mine, as I live in Richmond.

I’ve got a Black Beauty in a pot, and it’s not terribly happy.

According to the morus Nigra grow well west of the Mississippi. People have theorized that the humidity could be the problem in some past posts I read.


Silk Hope.

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thanks for the feedback. Yeah I am am looking at planting in the ground and would like to try something new. I have worlds best which is still young and a young Hicks that I will graft on when it gets bigger. This wild one is left over from a lot clearing and as luck would have it I also have a American Persimmon that I will also graft.

Silk hope and Illinois ever bearing are your best choices for humid temperate climate

Thanks. I think Cliff England carries both in his massive scion collection.

I like Wellington,which is like IE and should grow okay in your area.

Performance may vary from place to place.
Silk Hope seems to be less prone to popcorn disease here than Illinois Everbearing, and berries seem to be slightly larger, but taste is similar.
Wellington…or, at least, the tree I purchased as that variety, is crap here, and not worth bothering to pick. I may need to hit BradyBB up for a couple of budsticks…cuz mine sure hasn’t performed up to expectations.

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My Wellington Mulberry is quite medíocre also. Possibly the worst in my collection in terms of growth, berry size and taste. Still hoping it improves in the next seasons, but it’s already a 5 y old tree lol

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Girardi dwarf mulberry is considered good even in the ground. It produces a bunch. As others said Illinois everbearing is a big contender too.