1# Apple!


A friend of mine found a local apple tree with huge fruits that he want me to custom graft for him next spring.

We were quite impressed with the size and weight of the fruit.
We feel it is best to get some grafts from it sooner than later.
(The scale is in centimetres so it is about 12cm / 4.72").

I has a tart crisp flavor. I’d use them for baking, myself.


Are you planning to top-graft onto another existing tree for your friend, or grafting scions onto rootstocks for new trees?

And why sooner rather than later? Why do you want to store the scion wood for such a long time?


I plan on gathering the scions this winter and bench grafting the trees this spring on dwarf root-stock.
“Sooner” for me is within a year and not five years from now…