2016 Stone Fruit Harvest

When are you expecting your first stone fruit harvest?

I’m expecting my first Flavor Delight Aprium and Goldkist crop around May 15th.

For breeders like Bradford Genectics, the stone fruit season will begin in just a couple of days. Last year, according to their website, they harvested their first nectarine crop on April 11.

The stone fruit season where I live is officially over, courtesy of some very cold weather.

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Same here Appleseed😥 I might get a few peaches off some of the later blooming ones but the rest are toast.

Mine starts in July and runs through October. I have October 10th last year as when I harvested Indian Free. So anything that ripens later than Indian Free is out in my location.

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Gold Kist apricot should be the first one for me. Normally at my location it should be ripe the last week of May, but this year may be earlier, so mid May is not out of the question. Elephant Heart Plum and Flavor Finale Pluot should finish the stonefruit season in late September. One of my goals is to extend the season and cover every week from early May to early October with at least one variety. I’m still very far from reaching it.




In my greenhouse I’ll have Tasty Rich in the next week. That’s par and my first tree fruit.

Outdoors I’ve been frozen out 4 straight yrs. And one yr killed half the trees.

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Is Tasty Rich available anywere? It really seems nearly impossible tto get good fruit outdoors here in Texas sometimes. No late feezes this year but lack of chill took its toll on my outside stuff and then massive rains and hail didnt help during the pear bloom.

Im not sure when my stuff inside will ripen yet. I have a few early ripening nectarines that have fruit for the first time this year. Mid to late May is the expected ripening time but I’m not sure what affect if any being in the greenhouse will have on ripening. Ill post when I find out.

It will ripen earlier inside but not as much as some might think. If you heat at night it will be much earlier. If it’s just warmer inside during the day that will probably gain you 2-3 weeks.

In a colder climate with some heating at night it could be 4-6 weeks advancement in harvest date. If one really likes big heating bills and can get chilling in the fall, even more.

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Got my first harvest from Florida Prince peach a week ago.

Flowering is very staggered, however, and I think it’ll be a while before I can harvest more peaches. My “Saturn” and a Ceylon seedling are also pretty close behind.

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Yes the fruitlets are moving along but are no were near ripe yet. Im guessing but mid may.

Mine starts in May, with the apricots, and ends in November, with the pomegranates.

My 20 or so cherries will ripen in May. That’s when my Pakistan mulberry also starts and lasts into June.

For my early spring, I’ve planted Tango and Gold Nugget mandarins.

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I think my Leah-Cot Apriums will be ready by the end of April.

When did started flowering?

I think I may buy one.

Alan, you’ll still get Euro plums, right? Or was it so cold that the swelling buds got zapped?

They still seem sound and no brown yet, but they are still green. I can’t even actually be sure all the J. plums are completely zapped yet, but my hunch is they are. One tiny J. plum in my nursery may have even been killed after leafing out.

The tree first started blooming around the middle of January. There are still a number of dormant buds and others that are just starting to swell. I imagine the buds would all open much more uniformly given a cooler winter.

Ulises and Vinod, you guys are cheating! :wink: The topic was about Stone Fruit. With pomegranates, feijoas, citrus and loquats, it’s easy to stretch fruit season to entire year.

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