2017 Grafting Thread


I made the switch to mostly all cleft grafts a few years ago and I see no reason to go back to W&T grafts.


This years graft update video (sweet cherry grafted on sour cherry rootstock).


Same here, I can do them faster and when working with smaller wood I don’t have to worry that when cutting the tongue I will ruin the piece by only cutting a small sliver and have to start over again.


This is my harrow sweet pear scion showing signs of growth after almost 2 months! This is grafted on a Winter banana which is on Fuji Apple. I’m struggling with all my pear trees. It looks like I’m going to have my first pear on my Apple tree.:smile:
What are the chances of this actually producing fruits? Any guesses? This was an experiment that I didn’t expect to work. But it’s giving me hope now.


Another question: winter banana scion showed signs of growth about a month ago. It pushed out flowers together w leaves. I picked the flowers off. Left the leaves as is (left of above picture) but for about a month it’s not growing at all. It has the same amount and size of leaves it did when I picked the flowers. What’s up with that??


Because the competing leader has claimed apical dominance and is sucking most of the tree’s energy. Snip the very end off that other branch to delay its growth and afford the graft more energy.


This is typical leafing sequence when adding multiple grafts at the same time. The scions attach mostly in the order that they are assembled. Winter Banana creates a lot of fruit buds on limbs that appear to only have leaf buds. Last year I added basically the same thing you did to one of my whips. When they went dormant the pear had put on about 4’ of length. You didn’t ask for these suggestions but I added them. When you get 2-4 pear leafs start removing the Winter Banana limbs and tip all the Fiji limbs below. This should jump start the pear. When the pear is about 2-3" long you can remove all the fuji below. The pear should really take off then. Don’t even think of removing the tape at this time. I would also provide support for the rapidly growing pear. I have been doing these type grafts for over six years now and they can be a lot of fun to show my grands and friends.


Thank you Matt in MD and Auburn for tips.
Auburn: did your pears ever fruit on Apple?


Way too early to tell if it will take, but here’s a persimmon I grafted two weeks ago. Looks like it’s starting to push growth.


With persimmon, my experience tells me to wait. Last year, all my 3 grafts pushed a little growth. What a tease!!!
Then, two dried out. Only one grew and has survived.


All true. I’ve had that same success-wait-failure experience with persimmons too. Just wishful thinking over here. This is one I’m really hoping makes it so I figured I’d share.


Happy to report that one my gold rush grafts took on the Gala and a kanki graft is looking good on my Big River…


This is a recent post with many apples and pears fruiting. Bill


Auburn your tree looks/sounds awesome!

The growth I took the picture of yesterday is gone today :pensive:
I think somebody chewed it off. Hopefully it will push more growth.


Frostbite is an apple I think needs trial out this way. Let us know what you think of it, OK?


I’ve waited years to try it (grafts failed to take 2 years in a row). I cannot wait any longer, which is why I’m gonna let this new graft keep at least one of the apples it’s set.


Managed to get all my earlier apple grafts into one place.


I’m starting to think that mulberries “trees” are too much space commitment for my yard. So I’m starting “bushes” from wild rootstocks, grafting them low to multiple varieties and planting them at rentals. Here’s the first one, which I grafted pretty early. It looks like I could end up 7 for 7 on it (2 of each variety, other than IE).

In case you are one of the people who sent me interesting mulberry wood this spring and are wondering why I didn’t use it here…It’s because I want to keep a bit of each kind in easy reach at my house. So I grafted the new stuff there. I only grafted things here which are no great loss if they die for whatever reason.

Along those lines, no nurse branch was used. I want to completely erase the stock and it’s not the end of the world if I screw up and kill the thing.


@UnderDawgAl just wanted to comment that I grafted KY LT to B118 last spring, it grew a total of 27 inches by the middle of August.


So much for my theory!