2017 jujube crop


Yes, same here. The problem I often have is that they don’t get rock hard.


First Shanxi-Li fruit to ripen this year.


Just harvest these Honey Jar and Wow! So sweet, crunchy, juicier than Sugarcane and delicious!! A must have tree.



Taiwan jujube. I’ve never had one of these ripen before. This one might make it.


Just Harvested another load of Honey Jar Jujube and attempted to air dry them for later use.



Looks like you’ve had some rain- I see a lot of cracks. Please let us know how well they dry- I’m not sure if the extra cracks will help them dry or if the extra water makes it harder.

You’ve got a good harvest there. My So are just starting to ripen- here’s today’s harvest. They’ve started to trickle in over the last week, but today is the most I’ve picked at one time.


I got 2 days of good rain but the HJ still real sweet but cracked by the stem a bit. I will post the air dry result in due time. Your so looked good.



Those looked so good. I should graft HJ on to other varieties so I could have more good stuff.


Honey Jar vs. Sugarcane.

Honey Jar won easily in terms of sweetness, crunchy, and more juice. Sugarcane just a tad bigger by length.


HJ top row

Sugarcane bottom row


The row above are fruits from Li. The row below are fruits from Li 2. Roger Meyer was never sure if these were the same or not. I’ve wondered the same thing for years. This year I have finally decided that they are different, for 3 reasons. 1. Li 2 tastes consistently better. 2. Li 2 doesn’t have many thorns, but it consistently has a few more than Li. 3. Li 2 has more of an orange color in its fruits than Li. Li turns from yellow to brown. Li 2 turns from yellow to orange/brown.


So there may be a third Li. I bought my from Edible landscaping 7 years ago and the fruits are large and a little more elongated then your 2 Li from Roger Meyer.



Interesting. Nice. In China there are probably at least dozens of Li type fruits, including Shanxi Li.


Here is my fruited Honey Jar seedling. It tasted as good as it’s parent except for a little acid near the seed.



Great to hear!


This year my unknown jujube had good crop. But fresh fruits are hard and have little taste. After couple of days they become soft and little sour - good to eat. Soon after they wrinkle. I will seek for graftwood of named cultivars.


I have to admit, I have never in my life eaten a jujube, nor do I even know if I can grow them. I’m intrigued, though.


Very low maintenance tree. The best and early ripening is Honey Jar. Another large fruited and early ripening is Li. A good combo to have.



between the juju threads, honeyberry threads, and bush cherry threads, you guys are killin me. Planting everything you want in the yard is like leaving a crime ring…just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in again


You are not alone :slight_smile:


don’t forget autumn olives