2017 jujube crop


i see you are in zone 5, so let me clue you in – @tonyOmahaz5 and @BobVance could well be the ring leaders you are looking for. More accurately – the godfathers where their at.

they have some of the most ‘illicit operations’ in their respective territories

but you got to read the fine print on article 6 paragraph 7 where it says-- ‘you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave’ :grin:


Tai’an China jujube. No sweetness. No tartness either. Crisp but only marginally edible.


Very cute looking, though.


Little donuts! It looks like something thinks the leaves are good to eat…


“China Yellow”


Some nice sized Shanxi Li.




How is the taste on Mu.



Average for a named cultivar. Some flavor and sweetness but needs more.


Yours look great. Either I have the wrong cultivar, or growing conditions make a truly massive difference. I tend to think it could be climate/conditions based, given the 2 different sources I have which both appear similar.

Here is the only Shanxi Li which has made it close to maturity so far this year. At least 1 or 2 others dried up early, something I’m seeing more this year (a few of the below So are like that). It is quite thin- thumb thickness at most.

Last year they were much thinner than yours as well, but thicker than this year. Maybe the amount of sun determines how wide Shanxi Li’s get, while the length remains relatively constant?



I have 3 Shanxi Li grafts. This is the only one that has fruit like this.


What shape do the others produce? Are all 3 from the same source?


One produces fruit with this same shape but much smaller. One produces elongated fruit. This really good one is from Roger Meyer. The one with the smaller fruit is also from Roger Meyer. The one with elongated fruit is from someone else but I can’t tell from the tag who it is.


“Park”. Not as sweet as many others but still very nice, very crunchy fruit.


Winter Delight.


Breaking news:

As of this morning (Oct 9, 2017)-- JF&E has made available another batch of Honey Jar jujubes. According to @BobVance, this may be the only company propogating this variety through cuttings/root-suckers rather than grafting onto a generic rootstock. This is a boon because - if one plants it - and root suckers come up around the plant, then those will be just as valuable and true-to-type as the desired variety. In this manner, one can form a clonal patch of Honey Jar.

Hurry. They’re selling fast. Only have 14 left in stock. I already placed my order!



Thanks Matt, this is some very big news in my opinion. Do we know if all their Jujube varieties are grown on their own roots? If the answer is “Yes” this changes who I buy my Jujube trees from in the future. Looking back I wish my current HJ was on its own roots. Thanks for posting.


An important note is that not all of their jujubes are on their own roots. They also do some grafting. So, when calling to order, make sure to ask. When I ordered last year, it sounded like their Tigertooths are on their own roots (they have a huge mother tree which throws off suckers) and the So (Contorted) I got were also on their own roots. But regrettably, the HJ and SC I got were grafted. But this year could be different.

I did call recently to ask if they were going to be selling Shihong or Autumn Beauty, but they won’t have either for sale this year. They only have a few and decided to keep them, in order to propagate more.


Thanks @BobVance. Great info.