2018 Early season stone fruit and mulberry tasting

Mulberries are late this year and so most stone fruits. So there’s limited selection. Wolfskill Experimental Orchards, Winters, California June 9, 2018.

Early Season Stone Fruits and Mulberry tasting at WEO, Winters, California. I like the Early Jewel plum. It is a hybrid of sorts, with leaves like salicina, skin like Nectarine and flesh tasting like a sweet white peach with very mild acid. No bitterness at all in the skin. Other interesting early season plums are Naidyonisch and Moretinni.

On my wish list for next year: Early Jewel, Naidyonisch (yellow) and Moretinni (red). The Naidyonisch is Prunus cerasifera, it’s interesting because first time I saw yellow fruit of this species that is also a cultivar and yes they make wonderful rootstocks also oak fungus and wet soil tolerant.

As a reminder, it’s not the color of the fruit that determines if the mulberry is alba or nigra, but the color of the buds. If it produces white colored buds, it is alba.


I just grafted an Early Jewel, and now you got me really excited. It sounds very tasty. I’m guessing this is probably synonymous with Duffy’s Early Jewel, which seems only to be grown in New Zealand though and the germplasm for this came from NSW, Australia. Your pictures line up with the NZ though, season is the same, but since it has Early in its name of course that’s the case. Had Naidyonisch in my cart already and it looks like it will be useful for the breeding I have in mind.