2018 Grafting Thread


Has anyone harvested ‘Dollywood’/(D-128)? It’s said to be a large American-species variety. We have it grafted too here on larger caliper trees.

I also have Claypool’s I-115 grafted and know nothing about it.



Here are a few American persimmons that I like best are Prok, H-118, H-120, 100-42 and Early Golden. I also really like a few hybrids like Nikita’s Gift but not real hardy for Z5 lots of top half died back when the temp below -10F without Winter protection, Rossyanka has a very good unique taste and very cold hardy to Z5 and that was a plus. I got few few JT-02 and Kasandra but thery are only in there 3 years and no fruit yet. They got 1/3 top died back this year with the -19F without Winter producton so they are doable in Z5.



Tony, do you prefer the flavor of Asian or American persimmons. I much prefer the larger size of the Asian persimmons. Also, how large was the fruit of H-118 if you had to guess?


I have not, but I do have it grafted on that giant tree I previously posted pics of. When I top-worked that same tree to Rosseyanka last year it was covered in flowers this year. It was painful to top-work it over to the new cultivars. Luckily, my dedicated Rosseyanka is covered in fruitlets currently. Hopefully, I will be able to tell you next year.


If anybody is interested, gora (гора) means mountain. The names of these hybrid persimmon varieties are given after these mountains: Roman-Kosh (Роман-Кош, the highest peak of Crimean Mountains), Mount Rogers (the highest point in Virginia, honoring the “virginiana” parentage of the hybrid), and Hoverla (Говерла, the highest mountain in Ukraine, located in Carpathian Mountains).


It’s exact. Some people even think that there is 4 gora because the same one uses hoverla or goverla for the translation


The red leaves are those of gora roman kosh. Around NB2.


I think these foreign hybrids are promising, as I believe I read here on the forum that the fruit size is larger. They look promising for commercial fruit growers in northern climates. Would love to see these varieties in the U.S.


I agree. We do have Cliff, he is hard at work. Keep an eye on his site http://www.nuttrees.net

Much more work seems to be done across the pond, but that’s just a guess.


I liked both Kaki and D.V. I liked to eat the Fuyu and Rojo Brillante from the Asian market in the fall when the fruits just about to turn soft. They are real sweet at this stage. H-118 is large around 2.25 inches just like a small fuyu. I loved Prok due to real large oval shape and more fragrance than Kaki and self fruitful. It is a must have D V.



I check out cliff’s persimmon offerings often. I just don’t have the space for it all… he does some good work.


My last year’s Prok graft (got wood from you) has lots of fruit forming, not sure how many or any will stay. All my last years Tam Kam dropped. This year, I graft many american and hybrid ones and most of them took. The future looks good.


Dr Kazas looks to me like pure virginiana. Hybrids look different. By the way aren’t we getting slightly off topic ?


We are off more than slightly, yes. I’ll finish up with the math for Dr. Kazas that @SMC_zone6 did and say two more comments.

NG: 3/4 kaki + 1/4 American or 75% kaki

Dr. Kazas: (3/4 kaki + 1/4 American) + 4/4 American = 3/8 kaki or 37.5% kaki

@tonyOmahaz5 really likes ‘Nikita’s Gift’ and what caught my attention is he said it is “firm.” This was during messaging with Tony and Steven.

I sent those guys seeds off Dr. Kazas to grow out. This would be the math:
open pollinated by American: 3/8 kaki (see above) + 8/8 American = 3/16 kaki or 18.75% kaki

To get a firm persimmon would be great. I’m hoping it happens. And Tony said something that really knocked my socks off. He said to, ‘grow the seed(s) and then graft from a really young seedling to an established tree…’ brilliant to me and I’m sure to others if they take a moment to think about it!



These persimmon posts are very interesting.

I wish you guys could move them to a persimmon thread so more persimmon-interested folks could learn from your knowledge. Hiding this information in the Grafting thread is unfortunate.


I did as best as I could to persuade others to move the discussion. Truly, I did.



Thanks for those seeds, Dax. I planted them outside this fall and only a few came up, but hopefully those are the most cold hardy of the bunch. They’re growing out along with about a dozen older hybrids that I’m hoping to taste in the near future.


I notice your T-92 Hican is very vigorous. Is it still growing? Same here, the graft started growing 2-3 weeks before all the other grafts. Usually my Hickory and Hican grafts grow a few inches the first year and then grow several feet the next year.


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