2019 Grafting Thread


I’m not sure it supposed to work like that?


I’m buying a chainsaw this Fall. Guess what I ask?


What were the varieties?



I stuck a bunch of these on there as a scionwood bank. Tree’s a peach.

Muir Beauty plum
Sultry Sunset plumcot
Satsuma plum
Baby Crawford peach
Sprinter Korean peach
Indian Blood Free peach
Sprite pluot
Broken Heart plum Clayton peach
and a few others.

Lots of good stuff as you see and a few (Sprite, Sprinter,) that are pretty rare in people’s gardens.



I have a few trees that look similar .
I now believe it’s good to leave substantial nurse branches , of the original tree,
Live and learn.


Here is my Asian pear graft onto ts hardy. It put on a lot of growth and completely healed at the graft point although it is somewhat lumpy.



In short season zone, 5b. I haven’t pruned out any of the extra growth in my pear grafts. Question is, at this point am I pretty much best off leaving everything be and pruning this winter? I’m not sure a want to encourage more growth by pruning if it won’t harden by fall.


I wait until spring in order to assess and account for winter kill.


I grafted these a month ago. I have been bringing them in at night the last week to help them along. Nanaimo peach on Prunus americana rootstock.