2019 Grafting Thread


Are you sure it is YuLu. The pear looks unlike mine.
Fragrant pear needs to be stored for a while, then eat.


I swapped the Yulu Fragrance pear scion from @Derby42 . and he said he got it from you several years back. It was very crisp and light with mildly sweet, oval shape just like the store bought one. I was thirsty And picked by it green but it was good.


Good Morning!
Does anybody have pictures of previous grafts that they took year to year? For example successful graft 2015 onto rootstock, then new growth 2016 and then every year after that? Would love to see what grafts look like year to year. This year was my first year grafting and want to have an idea what they will look like every year! Thank you I’m advance. Hoping to add a lot of apple trees to my property and then hopefully trying cherries this season.


Sunflower pawpaw graft from 2019-2020

Overleese graft union 2018-2020


Awesome it’s amazing how these trees grow
Like that. These pics really helped w a visual