2020 berry and harvest report


Every day we are picking at least a bowl of Earliglo strawberries. Some days about twice this amount.

PineBerries and Mara Des Bois are just starting to become ripe too.

We’ve also picked a couple sour honeyberries off our tiny bushes. They are all yezberry Japanese varieties.

Other than that, rabbiteye blueberries are just sizing up now. Blackberries and raspberries are about the same, though I think some of the Fall Gold raspberries might start ripening in a week or so.


I figure this thread could use a few more pics. Here’s some stuff coming along.


Wow! You have a veritable food forest going on. I love it.


What did you spray on your strawberries?

Strawberries and Glads.

I was very happy that my Glads came back up. They are supposed to be dug up in my zone. I dug some bulbs but I left a lot in 7 different areas of the property, I just didn’t have time to dig them up. They got a little damaged by the cold, but they should be okay. Sadly, I lost a lot of lily’s to frost. I still have a lot, so as long as we don’t have another frost, I should get some nice ones for my vase.


My strawberries get some surround over spray, I don’t worry much about it.


Looks good, things are really getting going there. What varieties of black and raspberries are you growing?

I was out today doing a bit of weeding in the strawb patch and saw a few more pale red berries.


That’s what I thought it was. I have some of my strawberries planted near some of my fruit trees and mine get a little on it too. I don’t worry about either.


Which varieties are you growing this year?


I’m not sure the blackberry variety, I bought primark freedom, but mine has thorns. I have another small pimeark that I hope to try next year.

Raspberry I have Fall Gold and Heritage Red.


image image image

I took those pic almost one month ago. Now we already have some strawberries to eat. So strawberries is a must for fruit grower.


Growing Earliglow, Rutgers Scarlet, and the one the name I can’t remember. All last year’s plants.

Getting concerned now about the threatened frost next weekend.


I thought you also had Yambu? Which is better, taste and production wise?

They’re calling for 35 here Friday night, good Lord, I thought the freezes were done. It’s almost 80 today, I even broke out the shorts. I just finished taking the power washer to the siding, need a break.

I gotta get my Seascape strawbs in the ground today, hope the rain holds off.


That’s it! Yambu seems to be more productive than Rutgers. Nice big berries. I hope I get some this year.

Definitely gonna cover the bed come Friday.


Well, I got my Seascape strawbs planted before we got hit by a strong rainstorm. Can’t believe it’s raining again! /sarc

I got 26 plants in my bundle. Thankfully, they didn’t look like they were sprouting yet, despite them being in the frig for a month.


Pic of the new strawb patch. Not much to look at now, hopefully there’ll be some new sprouts soon.

Some pics of the raspberry run, with a few blooms opening on some Prelude canes.

My “helper”


subdood: your pictures above:
#1: a miniature version of superman’s crash landing trench.
#6: catberry, looking kind of ripe.


Oh, he can get ripe alright, especially when he gets caught in the rain…


how’s your thornless blackberries doing, I imagine in Cali they’re blooming now?


yerp, thanks for asking, sub. PAFs are doing ok. the birds haven’t found them yet. mourning doves are cute, but they’re incredibly stupid. . . they pass by the berries without so much as a nibble.

cascade gold in a planter is also getting along well (but no buds yet), but my cascade gold in the ground with limited sunlight produced only two berries last year. going to remove the ground-level cascade gold (well, to the extent one can remove a plant that suckers like a mutha. . . muthasucka, i guess) and replace it with the legendary and near-mythical ponca, whenever that’s available. with limited sunlight, being upright has an advantage in a lower-light environment. cascade gold is a trailing type, so it’s not well-suited to that particular place. (the PAF right next to it is thriving.)


A new cat?