2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Some buds on a 2nd year pomegranate. I’m not so optimistic about getting fruit to ripen but it’s a start! @PomGranny Maybeeeee I’ll have a Pennsylvania pomegranate.

Some flowers on an ambitious persimmon graft I made last year.


First cherry to be red!


You already got persimmon flowers! I’m still waiting on mine to push flowers. I have about 10 inches growth on my NG but no sign of flowers yet. I’m starting to think it’s not going to flower this year. It was planted in 2018 and grafted in 2019. Grew about 6ft in 2019 after grating! Had no die back after the mild winter. Growing vigorously again but doesn’t look like it will flower.

What kind of pomegranate is that? Is it in a pot? I have a Salvatski in a pot. Left it outside in the winter last year with protection . It came out great and growing nicely. I’m thinking about planting it in ground this year.


I had a lot of trees with flower buds but they leafed out way too early at my location. The freeze in April wiped out a lot of them. I now only have a few flowers on JT-02, Prok, Saijo, 20th Century, Nishimura Wase, Matsumoto, and Il Mok Jae Cha Ryang that survived.

It’s a Crimson Sky pomegranate I planted last year from Edible Landscaping. It’s against the south wall of my house next to my figs. The microclimate protected it from the late frosts.


Here are those apricot seedlings from Costco that you mentioned earlier. Ofcourse, it is raining again today.


I can recommend Hunt Russet & Redfield - slam dunk to grow. No bugs or disease here at all (I live in a sweet spot!)
Also, Rosemary Russet is easy to handle and its bloom is frost-tolerant. Sample fruits in the making this year.
Goldrush is certainly worth finding. Natural semi-dwarf & scaffold placement - every novice should start with Goldrush. Grafted this one onto Geneva 30 & replanted it deep so budwood begins to make its own roots & get to ultimate (still modest) size. Mine bloomed this year in its fourth leaf. I retained 6 apples to develop so I can try one over six months next year, through June, for comparison. All indicators are Goldrush remains very good as long as a year. You may have to watch for cedar apple rust in the case of Goldrush - its one vulnerability. CAR not found here.

CAR bothering the others? Not to my knowledge.


First persimmons on a 3 Rd year tree. I can’t remember what kind though!


Anyone can tell me if these pods are good or bad? They came out on my Wisteria after they all had some really nice blooms this year.

Wrong pics. Nice Oak snake though. Here’s the right ones


This is good news Tony. You have a lot of plants that you don’t have to water. Bet that takes a few hours!

@dutch-s You can always take a bite and find out that way what sort of persimmon you’ve got :wink:


Those pods are good but not ripe yet . If left on they will often expel the seeds when weather is right . Not necessary to wait that long for seed . They are mature when the pod turns brown and is dry . The seed coat benefits from scarification .


I wasn’t even thinking of eating them. They are Edible? I’ve read so much about Wisteria being invasive i was wondering if the Pods made them that way…


Not a good year for Lavina Plum…just a few fruit. Must have been the big crops the past 2 years. Some nectarines actually made it thru winter. I’ve counted 5 of them. Not sure the variety…maybe if the squirrels dont’ steal them all i’ll be able to label the grafts again. These are all inground trees.


Your trees are so healthy. Look at those fruit and leaves!!!


Not edible as far as I know . Scarification helps water penetrate into the seed for germination . I thought you wanted to grow the seed . My mistake .


Yeah, definitely don’t eat them, very poisonous. Wisteria can serve runners out really far from the vine, and can take over if not carefully managed.


05-30-2020 Peaches are sizing up and reached about golf ball size. :sunglasses:


From a few days ago…Honeycrisp apples on M-111 had a very nice bloom. If our dozen Honeycrisp on standard rootstock weren’t already 10 years old…I’d pull them all & replace them with the semi-dwarf. Standards barely have any blossoms.

I would recommend that anyone living in Zones 4-6 try Honeycrisp on M-111…you should gets apples sooner rather than later.




they grow great here but i never cared for the taste. I’ve tried several from u pick orchards outside of presque ilse and they weren’t much better than the store ones I’ve tried. yet my wife loves them. how old were yours before they fruited?


Sweet, I have 3 on M.111 !


They fruited in Year 3 in the ground.