2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


I was outside yesterday and today took these pictures Cherry, Peach, Plum, Apples, Pears, Apricot, Flowers. You can share yours too. Lets go :sunglasses:.









Love all those pics!


Nice pics. I can’t believe you have so many things blooming now. I’m maybe 300 miles west of you and my trees aren’t nearly as advanced as yours. I did see a few Contender peach buds start to bloom, though.


Thanks . We had a very mild winter this year and my trees are about 3 weeks ahead from last year. Not every bud is open yet , only Cherry, Plum, Apricot and some peaches in bloom. Apples, Pears and some Peaches need few more days.


My cherry and plum are at swollen bud stage now, nowhere close to yours. I do have a pluot that has flowered, though. And there is a pear that has a few blossoms about to pop open.

So, this could be an awesome year, or a big disappointment. Just have to wait and see.


I can smell the sweet scent of peach blossoms in the air in my orchard :peach: I pulled up a chair and just sat there to take it all in.


So far everything is going good but you never know.


Still haven’t seen any bees yet, but with it being 70 here today, I imagine they will be rousing soon.

I will say our house has been almost overrun by lots of Asian lady beetles for almost a month. They have been hibernating in the house in various places, and have been trying to get out since we’ve had some warmer weather. We have to take the vacuum cleaner to them there’s so many.



What peaches do you grow please?


I have not seen any bees too but seen some small flies around my plums I hope these will pollinate some.


Santa Rosa,Methley, and wild Chickasaw plum blooms.


Satsuma plum is beginning to flower. I planted it as a 2 foot tall bareroot last year.

Plenty of buds on Drippin Honey starting to open.

Another productive year for Korean Giant

I’m hoping these are flower buds on a Jilin pear I grafted 2 years ago onto OHxF87

Okolo looks like it’ll flower for the first time too. It was grafted 2 years ago onto OHxF87

Intrepid peach is covered in flower buds in it’s 3rd leaf.


If pollination becomes a problem for you, consider setting up mason bee houses. I don’t have any of the native ones around my house. The hornfaced bee, Osmia cornifrons, was what moved in when I put my houses out. They’ve been active for the past 2 weeks and I see plenty visiting my plum blossoms. I see dozens buzzing around so the population has built up very well the past 2 years since I gave them nesting sites. They did a very good job pollinating my pears last year.


I am growing Veteran Peach, Redhaven Peach , Frost Peach and Poly White Peach.


My seedling peaches. I need to name them perhaps :thinking:


Some smaller trees budding out now as well.

Blue Damson Plum

Red Gold Nectarine

Key Apple


Garnsey fig

Prime Ark Freedom blackberry

Prime Ark 45 blackberry

Arctic Star nectarine

Jewel blueberry

Pink Pearl apple

Sundowner apple

Dorsett apple

Cot-N-Candy aprium

May Pride peach


Some pics from around the farm, things are really waking up.

Some strawberries springing up.

Coralstar peach bloom

Redhaven peach bloom

Roxbury Russet apple buds

Grimes Golden apple buds

Liberty apple buds

Pear blooms, unknown variety

More to come…

What's happening today 2020


Blushingstar white peach tree and blooms

Contender peach bloom

Geo Pride pluot bloom

Dapple Dandy pluot blooms

Zestar apple fruit buds

Stay tuned for more…



More Contender peach blooms

Blushingstar peach buds

Wild plum buds

Juliet cherry waking up

Hillside of daffodils…

Not done yet…