2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Love seeing all of these pics of everyone’s trees! This is a great thread and very timely! @Naeem


Beautiful Easter flowers as well @subdood_ky_z6b


Alrighty then…

Peonies emerging

Unknown flowers about to open, think they’re some kind of lilies

Blooms of flowers that my wife calls Adam’s Apples

My escort, sometimes he doesn’t take his job too seriously


Beautiful pictures! Spring is so lovely. Too bad that it gets cold here next week. Up to -6 °C are announced right now :persevere: Luckily the trees have mostly not progressed that far…The farthest of the apples is as always the chestnut (no wonder we never get apples from him). But its just so pretty to look at, this vibrant green after all the grey and white.

I have a companion too, @subdood_ky_z6b

I bet she would love to play with yours!


Close up of Chestnut:

The willows are starting to bloom:


Things are looking green there, is that normal for this time of the year?

It’s cooler here today about 40F, supposed to drop to 30 tonight, hope it doesn’t get too far below that because of all the blooms.

Is the Chesnut apple tree of yours a crabapple? That’s what they are here.

My cats got along alright with our old dog, but he probably wasn’t too interested in them. He died about six months ago, sad to see him go, but he had a good 14 years. We’re looking at maybe getting a pup sometime this spring. What breed is your hund?


This year is quite early in regards to grass, maybe two weeks earlier than the average? It starts greening quite early here, but doesn’t really start growing…
The chestnut is the North American variety so I’d guess it is the same. My mother originally planted it because it was described as frost hardy and this may be true but the problem is that it is our earliest tree and so it is always hit by at least one frost…
Thats sad about your dog, but we all have to go one time and it helps to remember all the good times with a beloved animal.
I’m in this situation right now with a 19 year old cat. He’s still alive but honestly, every Morning when I see him, I am surprised.
Our dogs mother is a Border Collie, the father is unknown. The most reasonable candidates are either a Border Collie or a Appenzeller Sennenhund.
EDIT: about the apples: we don’t really make that distinction between apple and crabapple here. If it’s for food (independent of size) it’s a apple, if it’s wild it’s called a Holzapfel (wood apple) and if it’s ornamental it’s a Zierapfel. So I was quite confused when I started reading about crabapples!



Okay, that’s interesting about how apples are classified there. Here a crab apple is usually an apple that’s under a certain size, maybe less than 2 inches in diameter? Usually they are too tart or astringent for fresh eating, but can be used in jellies/jams or ciders.

Regarding dogs, I really like the Swiss breeds, like the Appenzeller Sennenhund or Bernese Mountain dog, if I’m remembering them correctly. But they are hard to find and probably too expensive for us. We will probably just get a mutt from somebody. We’d like it to be a good hunter and/or watchdog that will spend most of its time outdoors.


Cripp’s Pink apple


Appenzeller are very good watchdogs. They are known here for barking at everyone and everything, so they could be very good in keeping wild animals away from the property. They have a characteristic high, sharp bark. They are very energetic and independent. I like that they have a short coat that doesn’t tangle.
The Bernese mountain dog on the other hand is much more impressive in size, but it has a long coat that has to be brushed daily…I understand that they’re hard to get if they’re not too common in the US. Here most farmers dogs are Sennenhunde or some mutt with Sennenhund in it but I guess you have dedicated breeders with a breeders price.


Thanks for the info. Yeah, we probably won’t get any if the Swiss dogs, as much as they appeal to me, I doubt we would find any here, at least at an affordable price. We will prob get a pup from my bro in law, he has a cute dog he thinks we’d like.


Took these pictures yesterday!


I love the variety of shades of peach blossoms!


I agree 100% @Rosdonald


The only thing more beautiful than those blooms will be the ripe fruit you’ll have later in the year. Please post pics when that happens too :yum:


Thanks. I will keep posting and expect you guys to keep posting too. This is for everyone can post comment suggest … and we will all enjoy and learn.


Shiro and Black Ice are in full bloom. Superior and Alderman are not yet open, but Superior may open any time. Purple Gage is about to open ahead of Alderman. My Green Gage and Opal were planted this year, so no telling where they fit in yet.
Shiro plum

Black Ice plum

Purple Gage plum

Chicago Hardy fig

Desert King fig


beautiful pictures and bloom


A few more of my peach blooms until some else starts to bloom here…

Here is a pear about to start bloooming as well