2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Checked my pears again this morning and they are opening up now!


The pollinators were out in force today with temps in the high 50’s. I saw several species of bees.


The scenery where you live is beautiful.


Thank you. It is!


In my climate, Purple Gage blooms much earlier than my Green Gage. As of now, my Purple Gage has fully flowered and already set fruit…while Green Gage is in full bloom.

Curious to know how Opal will behave for you…I have considered adding it to my collection to help with Green Gage pollination.


Hmm… our climates should be pretty close, but this is not what I see. Below are the bloom starting dates for Gage plums in my orchard this year. Blooms overlap for most of them.

July Green Gage: March 1
Jefferson: March 2
Golden Transparent Gage: March 3
Bavay: March 4
Gras Romanesc: March 8
Green Gage: March 9
Coe’s Golden Drop: March 9
General Hand: March 9
Opal: March 10
Oullins Gage: March 10
Cambridge Gage: March 11
Reine des Mirabelles: March 11
Purple Gage: March 12
Count Althann’s Gage: March 13


Well, Naeem, mine look JUST like yours. So, can I just cut and paste and sign my name to the bottom??? LOL
Seriously . . . they are gorgeous pics. And mine do not really look ‘just like yours’. You have so many more blossoms! Really pretty. And my crocuses are still in hiding. But, I love them. They are always so ‘neat and tidy’ and the colors so bright.
Thanks for sharing all your pics.




Wow! That is a lot of blooms! I hope to have this one day with some of mine :+1:


Things woke up over the last week. Plum, cherry, peach, pecan, wisteria, almond, gladiolus, iris, rosemary, lantana, asparagus, Ouchitas…




Some more shots from today. We had a brief storm blow thru last night, which seemed to induce some more buds to pop open.

Wild (American) plum blooms, just popped open today. They are quite fragrant and are attracting all kinds of flying critters.

Forsythia bush

Different pear that just started blooming today

Alkmene bud about to open with a stinkbug already on it

Juliet cherry buds

Zestar bud close to opening, with ladybug investigating

Look @alan, some Macoun buds

Some more peach blossoms, looks like they’re waning a bit, but the bees gave them a good workout


If I wasn’t technology challenged, I could send a picture of apple blossoms redder than the peach.

I barely got oil sprayed last Wednesday before apples flowered. Most of my trees I’ve not seen since Wednesday. But, my grafting, in the backyard, 15 of the first 16 apple grafts have taken on rootstocks carried over from previous season. One has leaves and inch long already.

Lovely pictures subdood_ky_z6b


What is that stink bug doing? Never seen them on blossoms. The lady beetle suggests your aphids have arrived.


Took a tour of the farm today and looked at the fruit trees and the flowers.
The Schlüsselblumen are flowering

Our Giffards Butterbirne espalier is flowering

In the last tree nights it’s been under 0°C, 2 nights -4, one night -3 and last night -1. We covered every espalier tree that grows against the south wall of house and barn with blankets. It seems to have worked. The south wall is not always positve for trees in the early spring since they get too early.


The Pastorenbirne on the barn wall is flowering too.
Last year this tree was hit very hard by frost. It developed only three fruit which were of course eaten by deer! Hope this year we get to taste them again

The Red Astrachan is starting to leaf out. About 4 buds were munched on by some kind of bug. So I’m glad to see that this tree seems nonetheless healthy.



I don’t know what the stink bug was doing, just thought it odd to see one.

Good to see all the various bees out now, didn’t see any a week ago, and now they’re out in abundance.

Yeah, the lady bugs were really on the fruit trees, just about all of them had them running up and down branches on patrol. I’m just glad they’re on the trees, we had a horrible time with them in the house when they came out of hibernation. Worst I’ve seen in years.


How do you post on here, on your computer or tablet? Do you still have an old phone, like a flip phone or the like? You can get a decent smart phone pretty cheap that takes good pics and post them on here or anywhere.

I took all these bloom pics with an LG smart phone that I’ve had for years. It used to be my main phone, but has since been retired. But, it still takes very good pics.

I noticed my six potted apples are showing some leaf buds, so I guess they survived the winter. They’ll be going in the ground soon.


Santa Rosa plums.


Wouldn’t that translate to “key flowers”?

Our weather has been very warm here. Yesterday it got to 82, and last night we had another round of thunderstorms roll through, with more rain that we didn’t need. It’s sunny and 70 today, but sehr windig out there.

It’s supposed to cool off later this week, but no low temps below 35, so hope we can continue with no freezes.