2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!




Wow, blooms already? What variety? My blackberries are just now starting to push out some tiny leaves.


These are wild blackberries from South Mississippi.


Yes, thats right. In catholic folklore this flower is connected to Petrus (Saint Peter) the keeper of the doors to Heaven.


More great flower pics! I caught a pollinator on a bloom today :+1:


Not fruit flowers but it brightened my day. The variety is April Remembered.


Nice Camellia Japonica.


Thanks. Not many people grow these in my area even though there are varieties that do well given the right placement.


Low humidity, sunshine, wind and cold…that combination does them in. I don’t even try myself to grow the Japonica’s in zone 6b. … but I do experiment with the c. sasanquas sometimes.


And—If you can grow Camellias, you can grow your own TEA if you are so inclined.


You forgot excessive moisture, compacted soil, and high pH too. Their roots completely rot then. I ended up planting mine against a north facing brick wall to shield from winter sun and provide a little extra warmth from the house. Have you tried C. oleifera strains like Lushan Snow or C. oleifera hybrids? They’re supposed to be even hardier than C. sasanqua. Some japonica varieties like Korean Fire are supposed to be significantly hardier than typical japonica but the blooms on that one are pretty small. C. chekiangoleosa is another one that shows promising cold hardiness with large blooms.


My first tree outside to bloom this year is Jerseycot apricot. It’s at about 10% open blooms right now and we might get light snow tonight. I don’t have many apricots outside to compare it to, but my multi-graft container tree in my garage has already set fruit on the Dapple Dandy and Flavor Queen pluot grafts.


Several things budding out and getting ready to flower at home now!

Grapes all starting to come alive


Even grafts are coming on pretty good!

Cherries (at my father-in-laws)


I always plant them in raised beds in Kentucky. (In NC I planted them in the dirt…which is usually below 6 pH if not amended.


Cherries 03-31-2020


This is a Fall Gold raspberry starting to leaf out. I really just like this picture :grinning:

And this is a Key Apple that will flower for the first time!

And this is a sour cherry that will also bloom for the first time this year!


So excited! :blush:


Which is which? I assume the middle picture is the sour cherry?


Sour cherry is on the bottom. The pic is deceving as it is a very close up of some very young and tiny blossoms forming. The apples are small as well but are then ones in the middle :+1:


Here is a blossoming Stella cherry

and a fruiting Coral Champagne cherry cluster.


Great picture! Love all the photos, from everyone, of all the gorgeous blossoms! :heart_eyes: