2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


I should find out later today if my first red flesh apple to bloom got any fruit set. Hopefully there were a few later blooms and I got a cross with Redfield!


Shinko pear graft from last year and Bartlett pear. Southeast Michigan.


Took these pictures today 04-03-2020 :sunglasses:






Interesting. Green Gage has not fruited for me yet. This is 3rd leaf for both trees and the first year of fruiting on Purple Gage for me…hopefully I don’t have something mislabeled. Both trees are from Raintree Nursery.

…time will tell



Seedling peach

20th Century a.Pear ?


Some apple blooms Jonathan and Key apple

Apple leaves Key Apple

Pear blooms on my Ayers

And my favorite thing… Peaches are starting to form!

Also caught a bumblebee pollinating a flower

And a butterfly


Very nice. Is that borage?


Hi All, I am new to the forum. I bought a house with unknown fruit trees last winter. Now with the buds opening I think I could identify most of them.


My Wisteria are blooming nice for just their second year


I actually have no idea what it is :man_shrugging: I saw a lot of this growing last year and got a small bit of it and brought it home and planted it. It suprisingly came up again this year to my happiness. I will try and see if I have a pic of the whole plant.


Here is the plant @Naeem

I thought it was a pretty color and that is why I brought a tiny plant of it home. Only hoping it would come up again and spread in my yard.

My Orchard Projects

Ajuga, Poncho, ajuga.


Cool :+1: Thanks so very much for the id, @BlueBerry


(Commonors name is “bugleweed”)


Reading about it I see it is in the mint family. That is what first drew me to it is the plant looked similar to mint. I then wanted to transplant some because of the color.


I thought it was creeping Charlie. If it is, it is the most aggressive weeds in my yard. I regret that I did not recognize what it is the firs5 two years. By the time I knew what it is, it has taken over my lawn in many areas.


If you are referring to mine, I hope it is aggressive… I just as soon have it as grass :laughing:


It better id’s with ajuga than creeping charlie :+1:


Your purple flowers remind me of creeping Charlie. Anything in the mint family seems to grow aggressively. I also learned it the hard way with chocolate mint that I planted in ground.


I seem to have an aversion to being able to make mint aggressive :man_facepalming: I have planted it on purpose to take areas over in different sections of my land and yard and for some reason it never takes off and spreads :man_shrugging: many places are still alive but just not moving anywhere else…