2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!




I finally got my creeping Charlie under control with crossbow. They keep coming back to my yard from the neighbors. I hit it with Crossbow twice a year and that takes care of it.


Mine is out of control. Not sure they could be tamed.


Ajuga is a common landscape/garden center plant. Lowe’s and Home Depot should have some for sale. Can be a cute plant for cracks between stepping stones…I’ve seen one or two people make a whole yard out of it.


I unintentionally have this creeping Charlie taking over my 3/4 of my backyard and is trying to take a hold of my front yard and into every flower beds. I HATE them.


Pears in full bloom today 04-06-2020 :sunglasses:


My very first Chojuro flowers. Grafted last year.


I agree, Creeping Charlie is my worst weed pest. It comes up everywhere and is nearly impossible to weed it out from the desirable plants since it just breaks off at each segment where the vine has already rooted itself.


Red Jonathan apple is geting ready for full bloom this year!


Kieffer pear is setting fruit now!


Six days ago my Redfield and Granny Smith were in full bloom…I imagine they’ve had petal fall now. I’ve got too much to do.

Anyhow, love the pictures!


These are the first apples to bloom for me along with a small Key apple. Pears and Peaches are ahead of the apples so far. Thanks! I enjoy taking the pics and looking at them later myself :+1:


Figs are about to start growing !


Some Apples in full bloom:


One of my cherries that is blooming for the first time this year!

EDIT It is apparently a Juneberry aka Amelanchier.


One of my muscadines coming alive this year!

Some regular grapes as well!


One of my Ayers is in full bloom


What kind of cherry is that? Quite unusual flowers.


Just what I wanted to ask! If I hadn’t read cherry I’d have thought amelanchier…


It is a sprout (the very first sprout in fact) from another cherry I have. The other one has regular flowers and red sour cherries. The original tree was from my grandfathers and he got it from an old homeplace as a sprout itself. I was excited to see it flower this year and had noticed the flowers were different than the mother tree it came from. I will see if I have a pic of the flowers from it.


Here is the red sour cherry tree that the other one came from :+1: