2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Also this is the very first year that cherry has bloomed. Would that have anything to do with it? The flowers are tiny, the picture just makes them look bigger than they are.


They are pretty and delicate-looking. Hope they set fruit so you can find out what fruit will taste like.


I really hope I can try one of them as well! The tree has been there for maybe 7 years or more by now and it is about time :grin:

Typing that out sure says something about my patience… My wife might not agree though :laughing:


Also a question. Does the second pic of those cherry blossoms look like a cherry starting to form in the center to any of you? :thinking:


Pink Lady has the most gorgeous, long-lasting blooms. I can see where she gets ‘her’ name . . .

And someone mentioned Ajuga recently. It really does a good job keeping out the weeds. And this pretty carpet of flowers is a perk. I have both kinds, in different spots. The variegated one is pretty up close . . . but kind of ratty looking from afar. And it doesn’t seem to choke out the weeds as much. But, maybe that is because of where it is planted.


I may be wrong Cherries flowers in clusters not single flower but whatever it is you will find out soon.


All those tiny flowers were one cluster when they first came out.


Here are a couple more pics of that cherry. I used a water bottle with a lid on as a size reference, as most people know what size those are.

And a bloom of my Fuji apple


Ajuga jumped out and bloomed this week. Lovely blue flowers.


Poncho65, your ‘cherry’ does not look like a cherry. I agree with whoever said Amelanchier. So, let us know if it has fruit and if they are red or are purple/blue.


Would they sprout from a red cherry? I have never even heard of am Amelanchier so who knows :man_shrugging: I will keep reporting in about it :+1:


Serviceberry, juneberry and Saskatoon are the common names for amelanchiar

Here’s a google pic of its blossoms



I actually found a pic that looks even more like the blossoms I have and am looking at that page ATM :+1: who knows… I may have been growing something completely different than what I thought I was in that spot :sweat_smile: but I am always thinking it had leaves that were like a cherry. You all have my interest piqued now!


Even more diversity that you bargained for! Sounds like a win to me. :slightly_smiling_face: I look forward to juneberry harvest every year, they are like a mild blueberry with a hint of almond.


If this is so, then a bird has planted this tree right next to a cherry and then when I saw the sprout I just assumed it was from the cherry. Then I transplanted it to the other side of the house. Crazy to think of all those years that I had something different probably instead of a cherry tree… :blush:


Philip, I love that you have so interesting family heirloom fruit trees. Does your grandfathers cherry have a name too?


Quite possible…birds steal more than cherries!

Actually, if you’ll look up in the hills/woods/mountain you should have observed white flowering trees in Putnam County TN over the past three weeks in the woods or along streams?

They generally bloom before dogwoods. And before wild seedling callery pears were wide spread, if you saw a white tree in the woods in March or early April it was either a wild plum or a serviceberry (Amelanchier lavies or one of the other species).


I will have to wait until next year and go around and really look in and around the woods. Mostly Bradford pears and Dogwood around the house but of course apparently I haven’t been paying enough attention to leaves and blooms :upside_down_face:


We always just called them sour cherries. It does look to be a Montmortency but I am not sure since they are sprouts from other sprouts that are unknown to me. He loved to grow things and had a few fruit things like cherries and grapes. He always raised a big garden and that is some of my earlier memories. Thanks for asking!


We just finished planting some new muscadines. They are all staked up - and waiting for their wire trellis. My wire should arrive this week. Once that is strung - the vines should be ‘good to grow’.

Yours look beautiful! I love the blossoms.