2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Apples are at full bloom today 04-11-2020 :sunglasses:

Pears are almost done blooming 04-11-2020


Picked a bouquet of daffodils today. :slight_smile:


Spring Satin Plumcot.


Lavina plum


First time seeing this color plum flowers. How does it taste?


It tastes very good and aromatic. However, now I am not sure what it is. Mine has skin more red but the pic I saw had yellow skin with red blush.

Whatever it is it is a keeper.


Thanks I have added to my list.


I had five Lavina flowers on last year graft. One set fruit rest fell off.


How did you like the plum?


This happened this year. It just set the fruit. I haven’t tasted it yet.


Max your protection😁


The Tulips are in bloom



This is on one of two trees inside the electric fence so I’m very likely to taste it. Unless birds decide to give me trouble. I’m sure they will so I have to cage the single fruit I think.


Beautiful blossom!


Some wildflowers:
Wild strawberries:


The brook is almost dried out:

Some kind of sedge:

Different clovers:

Wood sorrel:


Soldier stinkbug - predatory, not a pest.


Took these pictures yesterday after rain !


All these pictures are getting me excited for everything to start greening out and bloom. I just hope most of it isn’t killed in the coming few nights of cold weather :man_facepalming:


Hope for the best. Our forecast is above freezing for next ten days but sometime it can go below.


My Flavor Supreme fruit set seems excellent this year, I hope they don’t all drop over the next couple of months… It seems pollination was not a problem. All my pluots set very well, the lightest is probably Emerald Drop, which is in the process of being topworked.