2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Not above freezing here :man_facepalming: This is the overnight…

They were giving 27 or 28 but 30 sounds way better.


There is still hope and I have these pictures taken from forum or google . These are not mine I just took pictures for my own reference.


Doesn’t look good tonight. 24 in Lexington is forecast.

And I drove through snow from Nancy KY to Wabd……about 45 minutes. It didn’t stick.


Jujube is waking up , Mulberry and Cherries are setting fruits!





Some photos from sunday and monday:
Espalier pears:

Our Bonne Louise pear tree:

Our Pastorenbirne pear tree:

Our Giffards Butterbirne pear tree has already fruitlets:


Espalier/ spindle apples:

Red astrachan:

James Grieve:

Berner Rosen:


Prinz Albrecht von Preussen:

Schöner vom Oberland:

All the apples with the blue background are in the same location. So it’s very well visible that Chestnut is by far the earliest, while Goldjuwel or Schöner vom Oberland are the latest.




Pfirsichroter Sommerapfel:


04-16-2020 Frost warning for my area so I have put my actively growing figs in shed. Also covered my Peaches, Cherries and one Apples the best I could. Last picture showing apples before covering.


I hope you excape frost damage @Naeem Everything looking so good at your place and I hate to see it killed by cold weather :man_facepalming:


I think we got lucky and missed major frost damage. I checked around 3:30 am and it was 32F.
I was outside today earlier and could not find any damage but time will tell since I am pretty new to these things.




This is my Carmine Jewel and a small Juliet today.Every year about this time,they get infected with Blossom Blight.So,I sprayed a few times with Immunox(Myclobutanil),before bud break and now wait for the results.bb

About a week after the first picture taken,it looks like the spraying worked.Only a couple small twigs were infected.bb


That’s beautiful. Hope the myclo spray works for you.

This will be my first year for Juliet to have substantial blooms if freeze does not get them first.


First little Chestnut Crabapple flowers. Second year tree…


Glads, Lilies and Rose Of Sharon all looking good and Ham and Eggs Lantana blooming some great looking Rosemary in the background as well…


Very nice pictures. Did your flowers survived from last frost on Friday ?


I probably should have picked more flowers for this week’s table bouquet, but oh well, here it is (a bed of comfrey is it’s back drop)… I might go out later and get a few more to make it a bit fuller. :slight_smile:

First year to get Peony flowers from this plant. I planted a bunch of different varieties/colors a couple of years ago, but didn’t have time to label them so it will be a surprise as to what color the flower will be. I’m excited to see the color.



I will know next week when I get to my orchard. It is 130 miles away and I don’t start my weekly weekend trips till the beginning of May.

But, the neighbor who gives me the most local ( 500 feet away) weather report says that he does not think the temps got below 29f.

I most fear for the TLOR TSIRAN Appricot this is the firt it boomed in 4 years.



I put this in my Orchard Project thread but no one has put an id with it yet for me. Sorry for being so plant illiterate :man_facepalming: Perhaps I can get a bit more exposure in this thread and find out what it is :blush:

I have taken cuttings of these and brought them from my in laws. I have one good size bush of them from a few years ago established now and have brought some more cuttings recently to try and start some more of them closer to the house. All I did was cut them and put rooting hormone on them and stick them in the ground.