2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


It sure looks to be a pink variation of it. Thanks @mamuang I will try and get a few more pics at different angles to compare as well :+1:


Freeze warning tonight again :tired_face: Our plants flowers fruit survived last two frost and now again.
Here are some wine cap mushroom I picked:


Sorry to hear it @Naeem We were originally forecast to be in the mid 30s here but it is only suppoose tonget down to 40 tonight now. One more night in a few nights is suppose to be similar. Hopefully after that we will be over the cold. Unfortunately the damage will have been done for most :confused:


Wow! What an amazing harvest. May I ask where you ordered your starter culture? This sounds like a mushroom I should be growing.


Ours upgraded from 32 low to 36, but the last few forecasts have not predicted the below freezing temps we have experienced.


I did not put any culture these just showed up last year in my wood chips. I ate few last year and rest just cut and buried in wood chips.


This is amazing. I had something like that happen where wild oyster mushrooms colonized a large magnolia stump. I harvested 10 pounds last year.


I checked my trees today and everything is fine except one Pluot and one Apricot both dropped all of the their flowers and have just a few left. Rest of trees Apples, Pears , Peaches plum looking fine.


Some of my surviving apple blooms-


Third year Indian Free Peach in full bloom.


Nice blooms. Better than my Frost peach.

I was thinking about Q-18 for a curl resistant white peach, but I may go with Indian Free now.


@Naeem I am not lucky enough to have wine caps show up on their own so I ordered 5 pounds of spawn today after your harvest inspired me. I can get free wood chips nearby so I’m off to the races.


I’m still concerned about this one. It’s in the shadiest location of all my fruit trees and it ripens 47 days after Redhaven. So far, I can’t get anything past +30 to ripen properly. We will see. It bloomed 10 days earlier this year. If it stays warm two weeks longer this Fall, I might have a chance. Still, I had to give Indian Free a try!


Where did you order your spawn from?

Lower Orchard

Standing Ovation Serviceberry


I found them here https://sharondalefarm.com/collections/mushroom-spawn/products/wine-cap-stropharia-mushrooms
The price was reasonable.

Beautiful sky and rows of trees btw!


That is a beauty! I have a little Indian Free peach. (that is it - on the left)
It appeared to have died after the first season in the ground. I cut it off at 2.5’ height . . . and it came back. Very short! No blooms yet. This is its 3rd spring.

I have heard that it is supposed to be a great tasting peach! I also have a Red Haven. (pictured on lower right) And 2 nectarines. Harko and Mericrest.
Seems quite a few of us have Indian Free peaches.
Yours is amazing!




Something is strange about apples this year, its like 3-4 weeks and still blooming. Pictures taken 04-25-2020


Here’s our very old sour cherry, variety unknown. Poor thing is in decline and this will be it’s last year before we cut it down. Base of the trunk is roughly 3ft in diameter.


Just keep the stump and bark graft to something else like some sweet cherry or good old Montgomery.