2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Little fruit lets are forming after surviving frost and freeze :sunglasses:





While the Lauerzer cherry tree already has small fruitlets

the Mischler and an unknown variety are in full bloom:

I love these old cherry trees. They were planted (and propably grafted) by my grandfather in the sixties and seventies. He died in May 2018. I love that with these old trees there’s still something of him with me.


My favorite Asian pear, Korean Giant, never fails to produce year after year.


Perfection red currant is starting to flower. Strange to see, as it’s cold and rainy today.


Do you grow any vegetables? What kind of prevention do you do for drift / volatility in high temps? How close do you get to fruit / veg?

I sprayed Crossbow last year and my tomatoes, peppers got wrecked by it. Not sure if I sprayed when it was too hot or something but I’m really paranoid about using it again.


I grow veggies but they are in a separate fenced in area and I don’t spray Crossbow in there. I normally spray Crossbwo twice a year (sometimes just once) and it’s never when temps are high. Usually in 60’s or 70’s. I haven’t had any unwanted casualties. But then again I stay couple of feet away from my fruit trees when I spray the lawn.
Last time I used Nufilm with Crossbow and noticed it really helped. Because we got couple of inches of rain after only maybe 5 hours or so. I was convinced I’d have to redo that one. But it worked better than I thought. So use nufilm if you have that.


Today 04-29-2020

Cherries :slight_smile:

Salavatski Pomegranate :

Pakistan Mulberry:

Pears First Year Fruiting :joy:


cherries keeping the hummingbirds hard at work


Baby figs from an in ground Chicago Hardy

Potomac pawpaw flowers. A few ended up surviving our late frost.

Joan J raspberry flowers

Juneberries developing and Clove currant flowers

An abundance of goumi flowers

Saijo persimmon budding out late and avoiding our hard frost a couple weeks ago.

Japanese camellia

Some of the thousands of pear fruitlets that did not survive our late frost a couple weeks ago… I guess I’ll be buying crates of them this year to eat.

One of maybe 7 peach fruitlets that did not die in the frost.

There were plenty of survivors along with plenty of abysmal losses. Like the old saying goes, you win some; you lose some.


I got figs, blackberry,peach and a tiny nectarine.



Do you grow any apple trees?


No apples yet, Tony. I didn’t buy any to plant yet, because there are lots of diseases and bugs around here.


In my area, apples are a lot easier than peaches, plums and cherries. There are several disease resistant apples that are good eating.

Not sure if there are any real disease-resistant peaches or plums.
After 3 -5 years of fruiting these stone fruit, diseases and pests often catch up with us.


What sort of apples do you recommend, Tippy? Most apple trees I observe in backyards here all have signs of bug damage or disease. Then again, most common fruit trees look very depressing in the surrounding suburbs, since folks just plant them then don’t do much else. Farmers grow lots of apples, and stone fruit here.


Here’s a list of disease resistant apples.

Most are bred to be resistant to scab. They may not be resistant to cedar apple rust but fungicide spray can take care of the issue. Fire blght resistant varies.

Apple texture is denser than stone fruit so bugs like plum curculio or oriental fruit moths do not do as much damage on apples or pears like they do to peaches and plums.

Coddling moths and apple maggot flies seem to do more harm to apples but you can bag or spray.

I have Gold Rush a lot but have not eaten many varieties from the list. Others who grow them can comment on them.


Finally, we had temp in high 60 yesterday and mid 70F today. Fear not, it will quickly go down hill with rain to morrow and a low of 35 F this coming Fri and Sat.

Anyway, today, all my fruit trees are happy.
Black Boy peach

Late blooming Indian Free

Mirabelle Parfume de Septembre Euro plum

20th Century Asian pear.

Juliet sour bush cherry.



Concord seedless starting to leaf out and I see some baby grapes! :smile:


A little off topic but still about the grapes… Would now be a good time to spray fungicide (immunox and captan) ?


I believe yes.


Thanks @Naeem I was planning on spraying tomorrow evening but wanted to get some input on here first :+1: