2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Also a pic of some of some tiny Jonathan apples


Clapps pear:

Pastorenbirne pear:

Gute Louise pear:

Gellerts Butterbirne/ Beurre Hardy:


Lauerzer sweet cherry:


Montmorency cherry

Juliet bush cherry

Evans cherry

Monty and Juliet are blooming for the first time. Monty blossoms seem noticeably smaller than the other two.


My 5 ft tall, umbrella shape Black Gold sweet cherry.

My Juliet is full this year.


Did you train Black Gold that way, or is it a natural weeper?


Yes, I prune it that way. It is on Gisela 5 so it is naturally dwarf anyway. However, dwarf for cherry could be 12-15 ft. I just pruned the upright off and bent some. It is very easy to net and harvest.

Black Gold is cold hardy and very productive. I never thin these cherries. It produces heavily every year.


Going to share information . This is my Kristen sweet cherry . No other sweet cherry around yet I get fruit . I do have sour cherries , Carmine Jewel, Balation and a Montmorency type seedling . So we have been taught sour can’t Pollinate sweet . Not my experience . Every time I get a hardy sweet to grow I fail to get a sweet pollinator to survive . Had a yellow from Stark’s 30 plus years ago . Same deal pollinated by North Star . Sadly the sweet only lived a few years . Look up Duke cherries . Old varieties that were crosses of sweet and sour . No longer grown I believe .


Just want to cheer people up with apple blossoms. Not sure if this upcoming cold blast will get my just blooming apples.

Rubinette buds before they open

Mott Pink are stariting to bloom. @mrsg47, thank you for the scionwood.


Nice looking flowers,Tippy, you probably going to love the fruits even more.


I hope so, Bob. So far, I have only eaten a couple of pink fleshed varieties, Rubaiyet and an unknown. So far, not impressed. @mrsg47 likes Mott Pink. I hope I will like it, too.


How can you be having apple blooms just opening…every last blossom even from the latest varieties were gone here more than a week ago.

And apples big as a pea became mush 3 weeks ago with that last freeze ….like the one we expect tomorrow night.

(Only blueberries and serviceberries are completely unscathed.)


Because we had a record cold days in April this year. We had 23 out of 30 days in April that temp was below average. That has kept things dormant or moved very slowly.

The Mott Pink pic was taken this morning. Rubinette pic above was taken two days ago.

Here were Rubinette flowers today.

William’s Pride and Pink Lady are in full bloom. All other varieties just get started. It has been sunny all week this week which is helpful. Then, it will be quite cold again.



Imperial Currant
Pixwell gooseberry
Purple Passion rhododendron


You will not be disappointed . The flowers alone are worth the graft . The apple is medium size and has a very unusual taste and texture. Sweet but tart and very crisp. Its is refreshing. The older the wood gets the pinker the apple . Love the picture, thanks.


I do not know if these will survive from a freeze coming tomorrow night. I am not covering these but I brought most on my figs inside and put some under trees.

Good Luck everyone. Its been a real tough growing.


Perhaps my first homegrown cherries, Danube/Erdi Botermo. They look like they survived the frost. There were hundreds of blooms, and I see a lot with a tiny green fruit enlarging in the center of the spent flower. The tree is 2 years old and still in a 10 gallon pot, since I wasn’t sure how it would perform.


Just planted 5 of these. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with olive growing? Maybe tips?


Arbequina olives are tiny. Does not make sense unless you do a commercial high-density planting that will be machine harvested.


After all the frost, freeze and winds looks like my apples and peaches survived, some plums too.
Most of the Pears and Apricots dropped but still have few left.