2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Squirrels seem to like them when they are still green around here. I have tens of volunteer wisterias from the seeds off the dry pods. Unless you want those, you should snip the pods off and dispose them where they cannot germinate.


Everything here is so lush and bright and ‘clean’ after all of the rain we’ve had on the east coast! I fertilized everything pretty heavily with 10-10-10 this year - and Hollytone for the acid-lovers. Really paid off. Look at these colors!


Sete capotes (Campomanesia guazumifolia) flowers…


White gold cherries


Buddleia already? Mine won’t flower until late summer.


they had those at the shop save for $7.99/ lb! damned things must be made of gold!


$7.99! Ouch! I should be making money instead of eating them! :joy:


Some apricots that were ‘harvested’ from the ground… first time in years the squirrels didn’t ruin the crop when they were still tiny.


Hoping this will continue developing into a quince fruit. This is the third year with flowers but they have all dropped in past years. This one looks promising!


Posted in another thread already but oh well, I love it :smile:


It’s looks like I’ll be able to try some Chilean Guava fruit,after waiting about five years.The mother plant isn’t doing well.This is a clone from her.bb


This is a very good flavour fruit. It flavours like buble gum with a bit of vanilla… the bad thing is that’s small…


06-05-20 After thinning twice and removing so many still left too many peaches :sunglasses: .


Looks good! What variety is it?






ha!my lillies are 2in. high.


06-07-2020 Pakistan Mulberry and Shangri La Mulberry :sunglasses:


Are the Pakistan ripe? I usually see them much darker than that in photos. My potted one year old Pakistan, which I bought from Starkbro last year, curiously did not produce any fruits this year. On the other hand, my potted one year old World’s Best was loaded (before the April 17th freeze). cc: @Livinginawe

I ate a Mulberry that looks like Pakistan 10 yrs ago in Egypt and it was very sweet. I loved it.