2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


They will get a lot sweeter when the whole berry turned dark purple but the birds might get them before you do.


Not 100% but still very tasty. Birds will take before me as tony said. My plant is very young in five gallons pot 2 year old thinking to plant in ground but worried our frosts. I brought these inside when frost hit us in April.


I remember you rooted your Pakistan, do you know what is the origin of your cuttings?


Origin is Pakistan.


I have a very nice IEB that’s three times it size from last year. I watch the Crows fly in and eat the berries for long periods of time. So far I’ve still gotten some berries but the Crows are picking it pretty clean. :tired_face:


Hardy kiwi has thousands of blooms…this is female bloom? I think… Not sure if i have a male blooming yet. They smell good.

First raspberry flower…i think this is one of the gold ones.

Cinnamon (i think this is Ceylon) has a new flush pushing…it had another flush back in Feb… i try to keep it mostly shaded (morning/evening sun) because the leaves seem tender in full sun.


Cinnamon makes a great house plant. I keep it in the living room with just ambient light from the windows. The leaves are great in curries.


I think these are male flowers.


Ooops! shows you how much i know. I’ll have to dig around and see if i can find a female. I have 4 vines and 2 are flowering.

Cinnamon is super easy to grow so far. It actually does great inside over winter just sitting in front of a south facing slider. I also have coffee but no blooms yet. Slow grower…kind of floppy…almost could use some staking? I keep that in mostly shade (north side of house).


That’s great to know, I didn’t know that leaves could be used…


There is a bayleaf from India related to cinnamon (not Laurus nobilis). I cannot find the plant in the USA so I use the leaves of my Cinnamomum verum tree as a substitute. Not the same but close enough to make me happy.


My first serviceberry fruits… :yum:


Sweet Cherries 06-09-2020. Birds got most of these just few left :sweat:


06-10-2020 Ayers Pears are sizing up first time producing fruit :sunglasses:.


How many years did it take to produce fruit? I’m waiting on my Ayers to fruit. So I’m curious.


First fruit set on any of my poms this summer!

And even on one of the young ones, out in the field - Lyubimi AKA ‘Favorite’! Hope it holds!


My Ayers grafted to an existing pear tree produced fruit the 3rd year, counting the grafting year as year one, quite quickly. I like the taste, too.


Shoot one crow, hang it up for the others to see…you’ll have no more crow troubles this year.


This Ayers was planted in March 2017 so three years in ground. Last year it flowered but all dropped.


Some new roses - before they get eaten by some disgusting bugs.

Double Delight. Growing in a 15gal fabric pot.

Pomegranate UpDate.
At dusk, tonight, we took a stroll through the pomegranate orchard and were so so so surprised to find lots of little ‘fruitlets’ had formed. !!! There were some on Salavatski, Nikitski Ranni, Kaj Acik Anor, Lyubimi, Parfianka . . . and others.

This is so exciting for us! We didn’t know if we’d just see flowers for a few years . . . or more - and no fruit for quite a long time . . . or what? The very first fruit I ever got, from a pomegranate here - took about 8 years to develop! So this is pretty darn amazing - to see fruit forming on plants I put in the ground in Spring of 2018. :smile: