2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


tried that many times. either maine crows are stupid or just dont care but in a few days they all come back.


It it Maine. They probably have brain freeze. It’s always so flipping cold! :rofl:


probably do as the bastards stay around all winter. you’d think they would head south to warmer lands. how they make it i don’t know. maybe they aren’t as dumb as we think. we also have huge ravens here.


The pods that wiggle and hiss are BAD pods! Throw holy water on them, only cure!


![image|690x920](upload://cF pxmwAUyETTSPeEUeViGW2Vk7d.jpeg)


06-12-2020 Salavatski Pomegranate third leaf flowering. Last year it flowered but all dropped.

I want to know which flowers are Male and Female @PomGranny , or any one ?


Beautiful flowers! Is your tree in the ground?


Thanks yes in ground and unprotected. Picture showing only one side with most flower buds.


Ones with rounded bottom are females. I noticed that my trees produced predominantly male flowers in the first two years. A few I spoke to said they noticed the same behavior. Hope I get more than 1-2 fruits next year


I am still a bit confused on this issue, as well, Naeem. I think I’ve ‘got it’ . . . and then I walk through the orchard and it is not always as clear as I thought it was!

As far as I’ve been able to tell - the male flowers are ‘bell-shaped’ and the female look more like ‘peanuts’. Male flowers will not have ‘stigma’ present - and females will. I have noticed that on my trees, a female flower will often be surrounded by two or more males - in a cluster.

“If there are an excessive number of male flowers, fruit production will decrease. And - flowers which develop alone, as opposed to those in a cluster - will have more chance of developing into fruit.” According to the literature.

Here is a quick and easy video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb4Ongl05QY
If the females are pollinated, the ‘top’ part of the peanut develops into the fruit.
I’m sure it is much more complicated than this . . . but I am not a horticulturalist or botanist. And I have not tried to hand-pollinate any of my poms. I just let nature take its course.

Let me know how you do with yours . . . . karen


Thanks @californicus and @PomGranny ! I will watch Flowers carefully tomorrow and see if I can spot males and females flowers.


Harvested these today 06-14-2020 :sunglasses:


Currants showing signs of coloring up!


Araça do campo flowers


We have ravens too. I like to watch them ride the thermals looking toward the Adirondacks.


06-17-2020 Van Cherries first time producing , very sweet but birds won and took most :disappointed_relieved: since I did not put a net. Heritage raspberry good taste.


Love seeing all these wonderful pics! We have been eating some black raspberries but my red and yellow ones were just planted this year so are still small. Most of my stuff was killed out by the late freeze this year. I am having to live through most of you alls pics and hopefully it keeps me motivated enough to carry on… :sweat_smile:


I don’t spray anything for brown rot…so most years i find a lot of it… Everything has aligned this year for clean cherries. I’ve got some bagged so the birds don’t eat them all. This is Lapins///my only tree so it does self pollinate just fine.


your title says your in z4. lapin is rated to z5. do you experience any winter kill on your tree? id love to grow sweet cherries but haven’t found one truly z4 hardy.


Beallara Tahoma Glacier orchid