2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Some red roses…


This is Heaven Can Wait Blackberry.Good flavor.bb


No winter kill…it is on Gisela 5 …north facing side of house/a lot of the tree is shaded thru the dark months. It did survive -33F and still had blossoms that spring. I would recommend keeping it as dwarf as possible because the bird pressure is amazingly high. The one spring a robin started building its nest IN the tree.


Is that blackberry in a container? If so, how large? I’ve thought about doing that to control spread but they might not hardy enough for container culture in my region during the winter.


Yes,a 20-25 gallon grow bag.The plant was in a raised bed,where my job was,until the company closed operations there.After digging and planting in the container,I visited the place a few weeks later and saw some more suckers growing,which will probably be taken up.bb


what do you have as a pollinator?


Sorry to hear about your work place closing. Do you find those fabric pots dry out quickly during the summer?


They probably do need more watering than a plastic pot,but being that size,it isn’t a big inconvenience.bb


Superior plum


White Imperial currant

Jonagold apple

Gala apple

Pixwell gooseberry

Purple Gage plum


Carolina Red June. Picked two and one broke off. They are my first to ripen but they have to be picked a little early or they will go mush on you.


Katie! I keep scrolling back to your currants! They are so pretty! They look like beads that someone could string to make a necklace! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Bradybb @PharmerDrewee I put my tomatoes, cukes, squash, and some new rose bushes - into big fabric pots this year. 15 gal. Next year they are going into some bigger plastic pots I will get from Sams or Costco, when they put them on sale at the end of the season! Those fabric pots dry out if you just LOOK at them! I am afraid that if I miss a day or two - I will lose my plants! I realize that the aeration is great . . . but not sure I want to deal with the watering job!


i use the tan or white ones as they absorb less heat. also try mulching with 3in. of wood chips. it helps hold moisture. i only water every other day when its sunny. every 3 days when overcast.


I have looked closely multiple time and only find three (3) Female Flowers and over (100 ) Male Flowers. I am thinking to remove about 80 % of Male Flowers.


I’ve got an island in my lawn of blueberries… several different types… looks like the birds will be eating good this year. I really have to dig out my netting.


Perfection red currant has begun ripening way ahead of my other currant varieties


Hmmmmm. @Naeem, I don’t know whether I would do that - or not. After reading everyone’s pomegranate posts recently - it seems that we are all having a lot of blossoms drop. But I had an enormous amount of flowers this year . . . much more than I normally have. So, I would expect to lose a lot. Maybe yours will naturally thin out some of those males over the next week or so. Also - my plants continue to produce buds for quite awhile. You may get more females, before ‘it’s all over’.


Some roses growing in front of a pluot tree, there are a few pluots in there, hard to see though.


my perfections are just green bb sized. its crazy the difference and we aren’t that far from each other or the zones that different.


It is crazy! I do notice interesting differences Such as my MIL lives 20min out of town to the east- on the drive there, peoples peonies are in full bloom right now. Mine have been done for 4-5 days. I wonder if I am in a microclimate or something being pretty close to the center of the town/city. Rochester is not really a city and not really a town anymore I struggle to know how to classify it! Small city I suppose.

All the rest of my currants are sizing up but are still very green. Perfection is ahead of the pack and I plan to try to get some layers going to have more of it.