2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Could be… heat island effect. I see the same thing in La Crosse… I’ll have trees/flowers that are just ready to bloom and i’ll go downtown and see their stuff is full bloom. Just watching my car thermometer i almost always am a few degrees colder then downtown. Being near water/lake/river and being up on higher in elevation plays a big role…up high is great for winter, but more wind///being in a valley can create a cold pocket…usually bad all the time. I’ve always thought having a south facing exposure about mid way up the bluff would be perfect place to garden around here although i don’t think there are any houses …or maybe right along the river or lake (good for late frost protection).


yeah no concrete or asphalt here other than the roads and the nearest town 3 miles away has only 3000 people.


i put in johnkeer van teets also this spring. heard its even more productive.


Picked some strawberries last night. It’s been a really good year for them so far.


I could deal with that!. I only had enough to eat this year and mine are more or less done now. I would have liked to freeze some.


After 4 years of trying I guess I got it right this year. This is my second picking of this size and one before of the small bowl! Not sure what I’m going to do with them all now. I’ve been slowly freezing them.


my mara des bois are starting to ripen now. AC Wendy and Galetta right behind them!


I might get some mara de bois next year to try. They survive your winter okay?


I think i had Galetta at one time but it died… I want something that produces bigger berries. Mine have all been on the small side. I potted up a bunch of runners because i need to redo the whole bed…a.dd some different varieties…maybe expand.


i put in Archers in may almost all are flowering. supposed to have very big berries with excellent flavor. i imho the flavor of mid sized berries is usually better than the bigger ones. AC Wendy has big berries too and wis fruiting now. surprised mara des bois is the 1st to ripen as AC Wendy and galletta are early fruiting june bearers . and mara is day neutral.


06-22-2020 First year Jujube ( Honey Jar ) setting flowers :sunglasses:.


06-23-2020 Shangri La and Pakistan Mulberry picking everyday for last ten days almost ending.
Very small plants in Pots.


Pfirsichroter Sommerapfel (pic1) and Piros (2) are really sizing up.


Some gladiolus in our garden are just starting to bloom

And a couple of my Red Jonathan apples starting to get a little bigger


06-24-2020 Beauty Plum sizing up :sunglasses:.


Red Malaysian guava blooming


06-25-2020 Moonglow Pear sets fruit first time three year old tree.
Can someone post their Moonglow Pear picture to identify please.


Wow, those are big plums! My Toka are tiny compared to those. I’ve heard good things about Beauty. Congrats on all that great fruit.


My sweet cherry is ready to be picked. Hopefully, this year they are picked by me not the birds


What variety is yours?

My Black Gold needs two more weeks to turn from red to dark red, just in time when it starts to rain more often (per forecast) !!!