2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


I picked my last 3 Lapins yesterday…they were very ripe but i had them bagged so the rot and birds didn’t get them… no rot this year at all but i just missed it because it has turned wet/humid again.


Our earliest cherries (variety unknown as my grandfather loved planting trees but hated keeping records) are starting to color up.


Today, 26.6.2020


I’ve got the net going on tonite…just have to get wife to help. I’ve got 2 robin nests within 50 feet of my blueberry patch. Rain this afternoon but sun came out right after.




06-27-2020 Yellow Delicious Apple Graft in a pot :sunglasses:.


06-29-2020 Only these survived Flavor King Pluot.
Something is eating leaves can not find any bug. If anyone has any information please share.


If no Japaneses beetles are doing it, then this is probably bacterial spot. Pluots are highly sensitive to bacterial disease and develop these holes in their leaves as a result of leaf tissue death and subsequent drying. My trees got those holes in their leaves since late April, but new growth is usually healthy.


Some lilies that escaped the voles.


Wow, they’re so beautiful!


Thanks for sharing these information. Mine are same new leaves are healthy and green.


07-04-2020 I am having very tough time with birds with net to protect these beauty plum. I am harvesting few everyday surprisingly they are very sweet may be due to no rain and hot weather. I picked about 20 today and put on counter to see if they ripe or not. I like to let them hang little longer but each time I go outside birds eats few.


Those look very tasty @Naeem


Wow I’m jealous those Moonglows are more appealing than mine. Your Moonglow is darker than mine but the shape is similar. I will get an updated picture today for comparison.


Golden and purple pepino melon


Stop! You’re killin me!
:rofl: These are amazing!


Moonglow removed from ziploc for picture.


Tamarillo fruits :blush:


These are looking great. Mine sets first time and are more red and little green. May be mine will change color after getting little bigger.


Sugar Pearls Apricots are getting close. Maybe 2 more weeks.


Beautiful tree and fruit set. I have success with most fruits but Apricots is the one have not tasted in my four years growing.
How does Sugar Pearls taste I am thinking to add two to three Apricots since they are very hard to grow. Any recommendations more sweeter is better.