2020 Grafting Thread


Here are some pics of my benchgrafts and 1 of 1 of the callery pears I topworked

Topworked pear first as there is only one pic

Next post I will put the apple and pear benchgrafts.


I think I’m done with persimmons this year…

Thanks to everyone that contributed scion!!



Ok here are my pears

Now the apples. I made the images smaller to upload easier so I hope they can still be read


You can see some of the failed ones in the background but I wanted to try and focus more on the ones that will probably make it.


When top working these established trees you may want to consider keeping some nursing branches to support the root system until your grafts are able to do so themselves. Ask me how I know… :wink:


Yep, Poncho, I see the REDFIELD is off to the races. I’m sure it will bear quicker for you on the B118 than it did for me on MM111 (it hasn’t in 5 years). I have it on a dwarfing root now, so maybe both will have fruit next year.

Great photos…looks like some failures, but I’m with you, be proud of the ones that did make it!


I left about 3 branches on it. May not see a couple of them as they are on the other side of the tree.


I hope to see fruit in a couple years! That would be awesome :+1:


Opal plum saddle graft on Green Gage scaffold. They seem to bloom within a day of each other.


First time grafting! I got one take, so I’m happy! I thought I wasn’t going to get any takes. It’s Drippin’ Honey Asian pear on OHxF 97. I’m really looking forward to next season to get better at grafting.

When do I take off the rubberband??


Has anyone tried grafting onto bush cherries ? Did they stay bush ? Thinking of trying sweet cherry onto bush once I have suckers or seedlings . Maybe even Montmorency . To get a bush cherry that would work in a pitter .


I wait until July to remove the rubber band. You probably were able to graft earlier than I am able to here in upstate NY, so perhaps June for you.


One of my favorite stories to tell children. I’ve felt that way myself at times.


Nadia on Krymsk-1 rootstock.


@growjimgrow your peach grafts showing sign of life yet?


no, yours?




@shitaki08 I usually unwrap my apple grafts when the scions show about a foot of growth. I don’t time it by months, because some will have very little growth when others have a lot. I think some of the growing together of the scion and understock is better when there is some growth, so maybe it is stronger when they have grown a bit. I think all of my apple grafts over the past few years have all taken and grown. I do whip-and-tongue. For that matter, the same for plums and pears and, this year, chestnuts.

There have been a few that I missed until winter cleanup, and removed them. The wrapped areas showed some constriction, but they still grew fine the next year and now you can’t tell that happened. My wrap is 1/2 inch strips of polyethylene from freezer zipper bags, wrapped up then down the graft, for a fairly wide bandage.


Did my pawpaw grafting today (I know it seems late, but I had to wait until the rootstock was awakening).

I was really happy that my earlier grafting had gone well without the obligatory shedding of blood, well today solved that. I hate typing with a hurt and bandaged finger.

If the grafts take it will all be worth it.




How long has it been for your peach grafts? 13 days for mine and nothing yet either (though we got chilly for half of those days)