2020 pick of the day


My top 3 pluots are Flavor King, Splash and Flavor Grenade, The taste changes as ripening and will always please someone in my big family, depending on their preference. Flavor Grenade needs to have no green color to be edible. I don’t have Flavor Supreme.
The top plum is Emerald Beaut, the fruit from my tree is not the same as the one from the farmer’s market up north. It is like a very big and good Emerald Drop pluot: crunchy, balance sweet and sour. Weeping Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa are good and flavorful when ripe, otherwise it is just ok at my place. They drop and split on the ground, then turn sour. I have to bag them on the tree, too much work, and the crop is not reliable each year.
Pluerry: if you like/tolerate sour skin Sugar Twist is the best. Otherwise I like Flavor Punch then Candy Heart. Sweet Treat sets a lot of fruits but the flavor is mild and turns bland if stay on the tree pass the crunchy stage.


My fruits are ripe later this year. The longer they are hanging on the tree the more I worry about them to be harvested by raccoons. So I picked some reliance peach off plus some plum/pluots that feel soft when given a gentle squeeze.


How do you like the Lee x Nova ?


Please forgive my ignorance.
What is “the Lee x Nova”?


aap posted a pic of one in the first few posts in this thread. Its a mandarin cross between the Lee and Nova. I have a tree but no fruit yet.


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I think its funny you say it that way. English can be imprecise.

To me, Splash is sweeter than Geo Pride because it has more sugar. This year 21 brix and gaining, vs 16.5 I think.

Like Lemon Heads are sweeter than watermelon :slight_smile:

Sometimes, or to some people, sweet describes how much sugar flavor whereas for others it describes the balance of sugar to other things.


From Dave Wilson Nursery

Degrees Brix , usually shortened to " Brix ", refers to a scale of measurement for soluble solids in a liquid. In the juices of fruits and vegetables, soluble solids are mostly sugars, and the Brix measurement approximates the sugar content of a sample; 20 Brix means approximately 20% sugar, for example .

It is a quantity that no body can dispute.

Taste is what someone perceives when eating a food, like how spicy. It totally depends on that person, and that person only. Try to tell me how cute a snake is, and you will see my reaction. I only hide it from my daughter because I love her.:wink:


No yet picked but will be today


Too hot for me and way too hot. Khang Starr Lemon Starburst and 7 Pot Primos.


They are pretty


This is a new one for me,Howard’s Miracle Plum,about 18.5 brix.A little like,very mild Mango with Grapefruit flavored skin.bb


We are blessed this year dropping to some one everyday. Wife dropped these to one of her colleague.:sunglasses:


Lovely. How wonderful to receive one of your ‘baskets’. Everything looks yummy!


What variety?


Thanks . I wish you are near by to drop one of these to you.


We finally have time to test the grapes. Sorry I don’t know how to describe the flavor. I always amaze at the way someone does it so nicely and precisely, like Brady’s Howard Miracle plum.

Canadice: nice and sweet, seedless, the skin is a little thick, the prettiest of all
Golden Italian Muscat: first time tasted what would be a muscat flavor I guess, very nice and sweet, thick skin. I thought it would be seedless, but each has a large seed.
Zestful Lollipop: flavor a little like Canadice but everything else is better: sweeter, bigger, thin skin, crunchy but juicy too.
Zestful Golden Chalice: A very nice flavor but not the same as Lollipop, even though everything else is just as nice.

The final verdict from all of us: tastewise, the Zestful are best. My husband like the Golden Chalice a little better, and it is definitely better than Thompson seedless. We like the flavor of the Golden Italian Muscat, but to be used as table grape the skin is too thick, and even thought it only has one seed, it is one too many I guess. My husband immediately said he would get a Zestful vine to replace the Golden Italian Muscat which is still small.

From top left clockwise: Canadice, Golden Italian Muscat, Lollipop, Golden Chalice


Howard (no “s”) Miracle is superb, but I can’t seem to get it to fruit :frowning:

Seems kinda nectarine and grapefruit to me.


This is from naturehills.com

One of the best tasting fresh-eating plums, Howard Miracle Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Howard Miracle’) produces fruit with a zesty, sweet taste. The white flesh has a floral-tropical hint of pineapple and honey!