2020 pick of the day


Ersinger euro plum 20.5 brix


Unknown curl resistant peach, maybe 15 years old. I want to propagate it. Fruit is much better than nearby Frost, but maybe its the low fruit load and mature tree.


I didn’t want to rain on the beautiful fruit parade - so I didn’t take a picture of my basket of rotten, black, spotted and split pomegranates!
I cut off about 20 of them from various trees. That fungus is killin’ us!
I hope that some of them dodge it. 'Sprayed with copper again today. :crossed_fingers:t2: Hoping to have some fruit that isn’t ruined. :disappointed:


Just dropped these to one of our neighbor.


Challenger peaches - an NCSU variety listed as fruiting about the same time as Redhaven.

Brix = 16. Not amazing, but pretty on-par for peaches in Iowa. Could probably be higher since we are edging into a drought, but it is an earlier variety and my parents have been watering them.


160 gram fig, probably Brunswick


Imperial Epineuse Plum.My first time having these.They were too dry to get any juice to measure brix,although I’d say about 15.Expectations were a little higher,but these were on an interior grafted branch and have never fruited before.bb


So many Garnsey figs, and if left on the tree the ants will come. Picking, giving them away, and cutting them for drying took all day. We now put the dehydrator on the patio so I can run it continuously. No animals came, because we have motion sensor lights around and they were off all night.

Garnsey figs: this is after 4.5 hours at 115F . The tray was completely full at the beginning with about 3/8 " slices. Will need 6 hrs total to dry, and the color will stay the same.

Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, one Emerald Drop, one Asian pear, apples, Prime Ark blackberries from the new canes


Desert King Figs, 21 brix
Geo Pride pluot, purple, only one, slightly overripe, 16.5 brix
Frost Peaches, small, good texture, insipid, didn’t measure brix
Splash Pluot - 21 brix and still more sour than sweet, getting better daily. Can’t convince my wife they are sweeter than the Geo Pride :slight_smile:


Splash Pluot,about 18 brix,with a sour skin,that I kind of like.bb


Some people like me sense the sourness even in a tiny amount, and it will become the predominant taste, negating any sweetness. My husband and his siblings have exactly the opposite. I learned not to trust their comment on fruits. They can eat fruits sour almost like lemon to me, and happily proclaim how sweet they are. I always have to ask him if it is sweet to him, or to me, before I eat. However, any fruits with a tiny bitterness will turn him off, while taste perfectly fine to me. That is why I don’t even think about getting the brix refractometer. No one needs to win the argument. :wink:


Really nice sized figs! Congrats


What kind of dehydrator do your have if you don’t mind me asking for? We’re thinking on buying one but do not know which one.


I use this for many years and never have problems.

Recommend me a dehydrator

Fruit in the Kitchen

Jun '19 - I got the older version of the 5 tray 304 stainless steel dehydrator from The Sausage Maker. It has the temperature controller and a timer. At that time I paid extra to upgrade from the chrome plated trays that would r…


Precoce du Trevoux pears:

Unkown Reine Claude/ gage plum:


You are like my wife and I am like your husband. I’m very sensitive to bitter flavors some people don’t even seem to notice. Sometimes I can get used to it.

Splash pluots have some bitterness, especially before they are ripe. That’s on top of the sour skin, which I like when the flesh is sweet enough.


We had Splash from 6/9 to 6/30, about two weeks earlier than last year. There was only a few dozens so I let him have most of the Splash, because at the same time Geo Pride and Donut peach were much sweeter. :wink:
That is the reason we have at least two trees of any variety, mostly in containers lately, so he can have the early sour fruits and I will have some sweet ones later. The only exception is Burgundy in the ground. It is loaded every year. He won’t eat them if there is something else, because the taste is mild and the skin is not sour.



A heat wave is coming soon so we picked all the fruits that seemed ripe enough. Everything is early this year.

Flavor Punch pluerry: very good as the name describes

Candy Heart pluerry: very sweet but not much flavor, I like Flavor Punch better

Arctic Queen nectarine

Laroda plum: very good

Flavor King, Emerald Drop, Flavor Grenade, Brown Turkey, one Catalina plum


What’s your top plum/pluots/pIuerries?. Right now I have Flavor king, weeping Santa Rosa, Flavor supreme as my top 3. I would say sweet treat pluerry is 4, but then I am not sure.