2020 pick of the day


I cut my two Flavor King trees to just knee high the first year. They produced about 10 total for the second year. This year is the third year, produced about 30 fruits for both.


Necta zee nectarine. This one is a winner. Best nectarine I have personally grown and tasted (so far). Great flavor and texture. Firm when ripe.



Sugar Peas, Raspberries and Red Astrachan Apple:


I am picking + 20 Lbs Tomatoes every other day.


Had some fun taking pictures this evening. The 3 fruit I captured here are Shiro Plums, Flavor Supreme Pluot, and Sweet Treat Pluerry. Sweet treat is not quite ripe yet, but still very good. I would rate them 5/10, 9/10, and 7.5/10 respectively. Sweet treat is a 8.5 or 9 in a week or 2. If you don’t have Flavor Supreme you really need to plant this piece of fruit. Also, I lost about 60% of my July Elberta Peaches because a branch broke :frowning:. Shiro is refreshing and pleasant once chilled in the fridge (IMO).




My soil seems to be extremely fertile…:joy:


nothin’ like a munchkin tree.


Emerald Beaut plum

The first Flavor King and Flavor Queen pluot

Flavor King (top), Elephant Heart plum, ripen on the tree (bottom)

Figs: loaded this year

Garnsey: We gave some to relatives and neighbors but there are new riped fruits everyday

Panache (Tiger): the squirrels have a hard time with the hardware cloth and Irish Spring soap. They tried to dig under the net to get to the trunk but couldn’t, because there is enought weed fabric under to stop the gophers. They get only a few figs everyday. One skinny squirrel stations under the japanese boxwood bush most of the time to claim his territory I guess.

Brown Turkey: always split

Black Mission: split too. I will make jam with the Brown Turkey

The last of Zinfandel grape finally

After working from home, my husband realized how much seeds in the Zinfandel grapes I have to remove. We now have three more seedless grape vines, Reliance, Zestful Golden Chalice, and Zestful Lollipop. The last two are new from Monrovia that we bought from Armstrong Garden center. I like the Zestful very much, soft but crunchy, sweet and flavorful. They came with some fruits but I really don’t know about next year, so we will keep the Zinfandel for now.

Zestful Golden Chalice: we like it better than Thompson seedless because it is not very sour when not ripe

Zestful Lollipop: sweet like the name


Your Elephant Heart and Flavor King look great! Any comments on their taste, which one did you like more?


My tomato votes are ‘in’. And decisions concerning Tomatoes 2021.
The beefsteaks are probably not for me. I was not wowed by their flavor - although I have to say that there has been a lot of heavy rain, in spurts - and that tends to water down flavor. And there is too much waste because of all the stem/core. The only one I really really liked was Box Car Willie. But - as we have found out . . . there is no guarantee ‘which’ Box Car one will get.
Here are ones I picked today.
Left to right. Stump of the World. Virginia Sweets. (Black Krim snuck into the beefsteak shot!) German Johnson.


Sorry I don’t know how to describe it.
When fully ripe and from the fridge, Flavor King is the best pluot we have, not only sweet but fragrant and very flavorful. Of all the fruits we have, my husband like it best, either still firm or ripe, but he saves all for my daughter. It is the only fruit she is waiting for every year since she was little. She was so happy to eat the first one last night.
Not counting Flavor King, the best is Emerald Beaut plum. It has a long season, and all the fruits are good, either lightly green or ripe , good balance of sweet and sour. It is my husband’s favorite.
I like Elephant Heart, it has it own flavor. My husband doesn’t like it, at least the one we had yesterday. He likes Fortune plum better when ripe.
He likes unripe fruit in general, when it still crunchy, sweet and sour. We never have a ripe and sweet Flavor Queen, because they all disappear when edible.
Flavor Supreme never sets fruit at our place so I can’t compare.


The first ripe Ghost apple: the skin is a light yellow, crunchy, juicy and not overly sweet, a very good early apple

Flavor Grenade pluot


Olympian Fig.I could have left this one on the plant for a few more days,but was concerned,since there are only a few and this was the ripest.Good,not great.bb


Peaches were almost totally frozen out this year, but we’ll still get a few handfuls. First to ripen for me are Redhavens. Picked a rock hard one 5 days ago that was 14 brix and ripened well. Picked these yesterday and they should be even better.


One of my grands spent the night with us and we got up early to pick apples and muscadines. Liberty is the three front ones and King David on the back. They are ripening early compared to most areas but that is how they do at my location. @marknmt

We haven’t tried the apples yet but Maci approved of the new muscadine.


2020 Pristine. The first year to fruit.


Time to give more to the neighbors.


A great early apple!


looks a lot like my yellow transparent which also produced for the 1st time for me.