2021 summer lotus flowers


WOW! What a show! Congratulations! :+1:

By the way how you can mantain the whater of your lotus pots without mosquitoes and other bugs? Thank’s!


I hung two insect zappers in the backyard.

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Beautiful flowers! What fertilizer do you use? My lotus just keeps growing leaves, but no flower.

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When I prepared the mud,I mixed some compost and chicken manure. I use Jack’s professional 20-20-20 and monopotassium phosphate after the leaves stood over water.
Two reasons for your lotus plant: one is variety, the other is sun hours. If yours is food variety, flowers are less or none. Lotus need full sun and hot temperature.



I’m getting big dificulties to get the water clean… but i will not give up!

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Thank you for the tips! I grow mine from seeds someone give me, I think it was collected from a pond somewhere.

I used to grow mine in the pond, now it’s in a pot on my deck. Hoping it is warmer/hotter than in the pond. Didn’t put in manure at the beginning, did put some phosphate a weeks ago. I will check out the jack’s professional 20-20-20, seems to be richer than the pond tab I used.

Your lotus flowers are just gorgeous! Do you sell them? What do you do with them in the winter?

Lovely pictures. I have 5 of the smaller “bowl” and dwarf types growing. For the first time this year, the deer that visit my yard decided they like lotus leaves, but otherwise they are trouble free. I just break up some of the tree spike fertilizer and push chunks down in the mud.

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The water will be clean when the lotus plants cover the whole pots.

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I need to protect them from frozen in winter by covering with plastic sheets and leaves.
I will sell lotus roots in spring.


I need to add almost everyday. Pretty tired of that.


Thank you very much! :blush:


Great photos!!! We are looking for a reliable source to get lotus seeds from the US that can ship to Canada. Any suggestions? Could you elaborate on your technique for wintering Lotus roots, please? Thanks! Marc

I won’t encourage to grow lotus flowers from seeds. Most often not true to the type.
How to protect lotus plants from frozen in winter mostly depends on your local lowest temperature and duration in winter. The lotus can hardy in the pots open ground to 7B. I live in 6B, mostly 7A weather. I just need to add a few degree to make 7B weather. Cover with leaves and then plastic sheet.

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Thanks for the reply. Frankly, when you live near the North Pole you do not care at all about lotus being true to the type or not… and you are about 100% sure that you will never ever get :hibiscus: a flower forming even less blooming… you just pray about having some nice :leaves: leaf getting 4 or 5 inches about water line and that’s it…

So I guess we’ll have to continue our search for a provider (or continue to travel to Asia) and continue putting new seeds in water around the month of April but getting 1 seed open out of 6/7 is a bit disappointing.


Do you notch the seeds when planting? I’ve started some from seed and gotten about 100% germination, but I use hack saw to make a small cut through the hard outer shell. I started them just for fun, but didn’t bother to grow them out since I already had several varieties growing and knew the seedlings would take a while to get to flowering size.

Good luck!

If you only have one or two pots, can you empty the water and move the pots indoor to a dark and cool place like basement when weather gets cold? As long as the clay/mud in the pot stays moist, lotus root will be fine. That way, you don’t have to start with seeds every year.

I move mine to basement in the fall, and move it out when weather gets warm in the spring.