2022 Hot Peppers

It’s that time of the year to make fermented hot pepper sauce. From left to right and top to bottom:

  • Acratà (el viagra natural)
  • KSLS
  • Brazilian Starfish
  • Malagueta Pimento do Brazil
  • AppleCrisp
  • Sugar Rush Peach
  • Sugar Rush Striped (top)
  • KS White Thai


What are KS and KSLS?


Khang Starr is the creator of the pepper

KS Lemon Starrburst is another variety

You might like this website KS Lemon Starrburst – Texas Hot Peppers

There are others eg. KS Peach Starrkist, KS Pumpkin Hab, KS Scarlet Rose, KSLS Elongated, KS Misery Sweet etc.

@Marco your display is beautiful! You look to be a pepper connoisseur. I’m aware they exist but grow boring things like thai hot dragons , habenero or jalapeno. Have friends who grow many types of peppers like you do. This is more my speed Growing the infamous Habanero! Salsa Garden!


I appreciate that. Not really a connoisseur, but simply I tried out and selected these varieties during the past 30 years of gardening. The selection is based simply on what I enjoy. The staple that is missing this year from my arsenal is my all time favorite for flavor, the aji charapita. Unfortunately my overwintered plants didn’t make it and my seeds didn’t sprout. I’ll try again next year.


Never heard of aji charapita. Is it a hotter type?

Your White Thai are red?!!

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@clarkinks Aji Charapita Peppers - The Wild, Expensive Peruvian Chili - Pepper Geek


@mamuang The KS White Thai are white when they’re unripe. They turn red when ripe.

The Acratà on the other hand are black when unripe and turn red when ripe.

I have a melody of colors in my garden. :joy:


And my melody of peppers are now fermenting for the next 2-3 months. The final processing step will happen around XMas.


made a carrot-based pepper sauce from the orange habaneros i grew. i put a few dashes in my chili yesterday. damned near melted my face off! i like hot but man this is wicked! i have a qt. of it. im good till’ im dead! taste is fruity until the fire kicks in. just the steam of it cooking had us all coughing. my face was also burning standing near it. don’t know how people eat reaper sauce. maybe mix it in a sprayer and spray a cloud up wind of that neighbor you don’t like. :wink:



That would be worse than bear spray to the neighbors. Once i ground the small thai hots after i dried them. Ground them in a blender so i could just sprinkle some on food. Could barely reach the button to turn off the blender once airborn it became pepper spray. The fine dust leaks out around the top of the blender. If you do that grind them outside and cover them with a towel.


Most of my hot peppers started late ( first batch if seedlings died).

Carolina Reaper and Ghost have not ripened yet. So far, it has been too cold for peppers. They don’t like it.

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When I was rinsing off the cutting board and knife with hot water after cutting up and deseeding the KSLS, I guess the vapors volatilized and I basically auto-maced myself today. Those things are hotter than I really want.


i ordered mine off of esty as starter plants for $1.50 delivered. were about 4in tall when i got them in may. by time i put them outside they were about 14in tall. by august they had ripened. habaneros take about the same time to ripen as the super hots i believe.

Got them from a cousin in Aug which was very late. They are flowering now but I don’t think we have enough heat to ripen them. It is supposed to be 39 F tonight,

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Can you share your fermenting recipe? :yum:

Each jar contains:

10 Acratà
5 Brazilian Starfish
8 Sugar Rush Peach
1 Sugar Rush Striped
10 pieces of garlic
100 g mango
1/2 large onion
1 sweet red pepper
1+1/2 carrots
4% Kosher Salt brine

I still need to decide how I’m going to finish the sauce in 2-3 months. I had good results with a combination of passion fruit, mango, brown sugar, lime juice and my 3-vinegar combo (apple cider, rice and white wine). TBD.

Thank you.
Is the liquid just water or vinegar.
the peppers are raw?
I just order acrata peppers I had never heard of them.

@Zone9Gardening The liquid is 4% brine (40 grams of salt per liter of water). The peppers are raw. Acratà is also known as Goats Weed.

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Thank you. I’ll try it with some of my peppers.

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