2023 Grafting Thread

My graft for BFF is now confirmed dead. However I didn’t want to completely throw the stub away, I stuck it in the dirt for now.

I am located in NYS zone 7a. Just received my rootstock and scion wood. I plan on grafting this weekend. Once I bench graft my rootstock what are peoples suggestions to do next? Store them inside in individual planters? Store in fridge grafted? Plant outside while dormant? Years past I left the graft heal inside but feel the trees wake up faster and I’m let down after the stored energy passes and the grafts fails.

This refers to the size of leaves when the understock tree just starts to leaf out, this is a moment when the common wisdom recommends grafting.


I put as many as I can fit in a trug or storage tub with potting soil and holes in the bottom for drainage. These go in an unheated garage when there’s still snow on the ground and when the snow is gone they start coming out in the sun during the day, like I’m hardening off veggies. Then they get planted out.


Thank you!!

AU Producer whip graft to AU Rosa … our cold spell has slowed down progress but it is still making some progress.

Improved kieffer pear bark graft to callery.
One scion is taking off… the other slow going.


It could be a chimera if it shows different leaf from the scionwood. When that branch is ready to use for scionwood, you should move it over (graft) to another tree to preserve the chimera features. Otherwise it may revert back to the scion wood. I have some citrus branch mutations that I separated from the source branch, and it still stayed different than rest of the tree.

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Inside, outside, heated, unheated…in zone 6b I’ve done all the above and not noticed any huge difference in the percent of graft that take and fail. Have grafted outdoors and potted them at 35 degrees (hard time getting the grafting that done…I’ve learned to graft inside and clean up my mess later)…and left them in a cool room and I’ve left them in a heated room inside a black garbage bag to retain the moisture. I did maybe 30 or so in February and potted them right up. And have done some additions to multi-graft trees outdoors in March so far this year…and have 20 more roots that I plan to benchgraft this evening or soon indoors as the cold moves in outside. I’ll pot them later in 5 or 15 days.
That’ll bring me past 80 in count for the year so far. A dozen pears and 50 or so apples so far.

20 expected Sat and Sunday nights.


This was so helpful thank you!

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I went ahead and tag with these grafts with permanent.
I think BNR took, the buds are selling, they were not in the pot, in fact they look almost desiccated, so that’s why I grafted BNR.

My Yali pear

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Love it. Hope to hear how it does.


One Bok Jo jujube scion didn’t take, I had a suspicion about this graft, so I cut the whole thing and regraft, not sure the new graft will take, but I feel better about not throwing anything away.

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Was about to give up on this chip bud graft of King David.


It a 2 pair night :wink:

We are supposed to get 23 tonight 21 tomorrow night.

Do you protect grafts that are budding out good ?


NAFEX grafting demo workshop on the 28th I think it was $19 to join for the year. Every month there is a new interest group topic. Also an annual meeting over several days with a variety of presenters who are experts in their field. Skillcult was a previous keynote speaker All virtual on line. I think it’s well worth it!

Join us for a virtual grafting workshop for experienced and beginning grafters. Our next Interest Group meetup will be held on ZOOM and by phone Tuesday, March 28, at at 4:30 p.m. PDT / 5:30 p.m. MDT / 6:30 p.m. CDT / 7:30 p.m. EDT.


My impatience has costed me this Liberty Chip Bud Graft :roll_eyes::face_in_clouds::face_with_spiral_eyes::expressionless:. But are there still dormant buds beneath :thinking:?

I am trying to learn walnut grafting. I have tried for years with little success. So I have watched a lot of videdos. Some videos from the middle East. I figure Persia for Persian walnut. I noticed the use of soil around their grafts. A bag open top to contain soil. Any idea why? Moisture retention or heat protection? No English spoken or closed captions. I also notice their trees are not leafed out. So I assume it warms up fast and stays warm or hot there. Any thoughts?

Are you sure they aren’t attempting to air layer? Though honestly I’ve never heard of air layering walnuts, that is the only reason I could think to tie a bag of soil around a branch.

I would use a cover touching the ground to capture a little ground heat.

? Sorry could not share video.